OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: British Infiltration of Trump Campaign Exposed, The UK – not Russia – Interfered in 2016 Election

3 hours 51 minutes ago
    OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: British Infiltration of Trump Campaign Exposed, The UK – not Russia – Interfered in 2016 Election FBI Spy-Op Exposed, Trump Campaign Infiltrated By Longtime CIA And MI6 Asset Following two weeks of mounting speculation over the FBI’s so-called “mole” inside the Trump campaign, the New York Times and Washington Post published separate accounts on […]
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UFO Sighting in Cape Town, Western Cape on 2018-05-04 06:15:00 - Series of observations in sky at 06:15 to 07:45 on friday 4rth may 2018, cape town, south africa

7 hours 10 minutes ago
Observations started at around 06:15 cat, friday 4th of may, 2018, north of cape town, south africa. observations went over a period of around one and a half hours, in general north easterly directly from point of observation, over the atlantic ocean, starting at around 40 degrees above horizon. series of areal observations/phenomena, ranging from long bright flashes and rapidly moving lights in the sky to an apparent emergence of an unknown very large fleet of areal vessels. cannot fit description into the tick boxes provided above. narrative will be too long, but later recorded on app on phone. to be provided to someone serious about this. total number of vessels observed is over 100, of various types. series of events, not just vessels observed. videos taken with several devices, but unremarkable, to my frustration. no other observers with me. weather zero cloud cover, visibility very good, temp mid teens c, from darkness to early morning light. did substantial research after event to try to find logical explanation. none found. checked online and websites, videos to find someone to engage with. thought about not saying anything as too much rubbish out there on the net. finally decided to do so, as i never know what may be of significance. will attempt to engage with mufon, stephen greer and linda howe. south african authorities are a waste of time. hope to hear from someone. willing to discuss. will not upload any video or audio notes, as do not agree to your terms and conditions. i am to remain anonymous to public. regards d
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UFO Sighting in Monroe, Ohio on 2018-05-19 15:19:00 - While waiting at a light, i saw a large rectangle glide across the sky. it looked like a sign, but there were no other aircrafts around.

8 hours 7 minutes ago
While driving down 63 in monroe, i noticed a big, rectangular object in the sky. at first i thought it was a sign being flown above a building, but as i neared the highway, i realized the object was moving across the sky. the next thing i thought of was a sign being pulled by an airplane, but there were no other aircrafts in the sky. the object was moving in a straight, smooth line. when i got to the light before the left turn onto i-75, i took a short video so i could ask someone else what they thought it was. the movement was so seemless and straight: no flapping edges or moving parts. eventually i had to turn because the stop light changed to green, and then i lost sight of the object. no one i’ve shown the video to knows what it is either.
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Black Triangle Sighting in Québec City, Quebec on 2018-05-17 08:30:00 - Formation lumineuse, parfaitement distancã©, rapide et sans bruit. mouvement inexplicable, lumiã¨re particuliere

14 hours 42 minutes ago
Nous ã©tions trois prã¨s de la cã´te de cap rouge et de la rue gaudias-petitclerc. il ã©tait environs 20hrs30, l'endroit oã¹ nous ã©tions nous donnait une belle vue sur l'horizon. j'ai fais remarquer ã  mes amis qu'il y avait quelque chose dans le ciel. ma premiã¨re impression ã©tait que ã§a devait ãªtre des outardes. des points lumineux (8-10) qui ã©taient en formation de v, parfaitement alignã©s, et qui ne distansait pas les uns des autres malgrã© la vitesse ã  laquelle ils allaient d'est en ouest. les objets n'ont ã©tã© visibles qu'environ 30 secondes car dans leur dã©placement ils sont passã© derriã¨re un arbre qui m'a cachã© la vue. le temps que je me lã¨ve et prenne un meilleur angle de vue(3 secondes environ) ils avaient disparus. nous avons essayã© de trouver une explication rationnelle au phã©nomã¨ne mais sans succã¨s. l'impression que j'ai eu par la suite est qu'il s'agissait peut-etre d'un seul objet comprennant plusieurs lumiã¨res mais je n'ai distinguã© aucun contour dã©fini, qui aurait laissã© entrevoir un objet massif triangulaire. les bernaches alternent leurs positions, ne dã©gagent pas de lumiã¨re et ne forment pas un 'v' plein. avec le calme du crã©puscule nous aurions entendu des rã©acteurs ou autre au loin.
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UFO Sighting in Garrett, Indiana on 2018-05-13 17:05:00 - Having coffee in front of house, saw ufo to our left ,was moving slow ,no noise,,it went south towards ft.Wayne

16 hours 29 minutes ago
Was having coffee out front of house with linda lu,.I spotted something to my left in the sky,i was sitting to the south .So was linda lou,,,it looked like it had windows and was shining moving slowly, it looked like it was turning, but that was just the shape of the object , it was. going straight...No noise no. wings,,,when it got more in front of us it was either glowing from sunshine or flame.It must have been as big as a. grayhound bus,i have seen objects before but never this close, it seems it is just now sinking in what we saw
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UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on 2018-05-18 18:55:00 - Saw what looks like a ufo in a picture i took last night.

17 hours 47 minutes ago
My family and i were at the muttart conservatory on the evening of may 18, 2018. i was looking through the photos we took later that night and noticed what appears to possibly be a silver/grey object in the sky in the left side of one of the pictures. i thought i would send it in in case you were interested. we didn't notice the object when we were there so for all i know it could be a bird or something but it doesn't look like that to me in the picture. i wish it was better quality. photo taken with a cannon rebel.
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UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on 2018-05-19 17:26:00 - Red flashing light; flying straight path then stopped, then resumed path; thought it was a drone.

18 hours 54 minutes ago
I was testing a 500mm lens to photograph the moon in daylight when i noticed an object flying past the moon. it had a red flashing light, so i thought it might be a uav. i detached my camera (nikon d800)from the tripod and tried to follow and photograph the object in the sky. it was high in the sky so i could not see well what it looked like and i thought i'd zoom later on the photos to see what kind of drone it was. overall, it was flying a straight path, but it sometimes stopped moving and then resumed moving. it's when i looked at the pictures that i found out it did not look like a drone at all and the shape of the object was strange. it flew roughly from south/southeast to north/northwest. when it was too far away for me to photograph it, i gave up and as i noticed an actual plane in the sky, i took a photograph of the plane too (i'm providing a photo of that plane for comparison). the fact that the ufo was flying downwind makes me thing it might be a helium balloon. however, the shape is weird and it does not explain the red light flashing at regular intervals that first got my attention on the object.
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UFO Sighting in Rock Hill, South Carolina on 2018-05-19 14:51:00 - Shape change colbalt blue, silver, orb, box. triangle different types. maybe.

19 hours 8 minutes ago
Outside enjoying the nice weather when i saw this dark colored object going nw. itried to get some video then it changed shape and colors and went into the clouds. i was able to get it on photo and videos.It was trying to stay in clouds. then it vanished then about maybe 30 minutes later came back this time it hovered then went back into the clouds. there was also 2 triangle shaped craft that were like on top of another. i had ringing in my ears that lasted about 10 minutes after u saw the last object. which was the 2 triangles, one or and the shape changer. then i got a slight headache. the or was silver in color popping in and out of the clouds, the shape changer went from almost black to cobalt blue to black dots making a square. the triangles almost made like a black and silver pyramid then went back to black triangles on top of each other. i think there were more objects but allot to type.
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UFO Sighting in Oberolberndorf, Niederösterreich on 2018-05-19 16:30:00 - ufo rose quickly into the sky at a shallow angle and was suddenly gone.

20 hours 49 minutes ago
i drove my car home when i noticed an object in the air. it seemed to fly slowly at low altitude, in the direction i was driving. at first i thought it was a sports plane that i can see from behind as it rises, hence the flat shape (there is a small airport for these little planes nearby). but then i realized how big it was, and it began to rise in a shallow angle into the sky at an increasing speed. while i watched it with growing interest it suddenly disappeared and was gone. i stared blankly into the sky for a few seconds, but there was no sign of it any more. i was just thinking "no way, where is it??". first it was still clearly visible, the next moment it was just gone.
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UFO Sighting in Alamogordo, New Mexico on 2018-03-20 05:48:00 - Two time lapse photos captured "unnatural light".

21 hours 27 minutes ago
White sands national monument. overnight camp out to take time lapse photos pf milky way. camera was taking pictures while we slept. camerais canon eos 70d. the camera settings for these pictures are av 2.8 tv 5.9 iso 3200 aperture 14mm. focal length 3200 exposure 10 sec. picture taken every 2 minutes. the camera was pointed toward the east facing the general direction of holloman afb. pictures where reviewed several days. have no idea what the strange light in the picture. img_9708 5:22 picture w/ meteor img_9719 5:46 normal picture. img-9720 5:48 first image of strange light. overhead img_9721 5:50 second image of strange light. in the distance img_9722 5:52 normal picture the camera was set to ct timezone. i have attached the jpg version of pictures. i also raw format if interested. i have never seen such a light in the sky before. i am curious what it might be. thanks
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UFO Sighting in Gwaelod-y-garth, Wales on 2018-05-19 18:15:00 - 5 circular lights evenly spaced for 10 minutes then departed n showing only 3 vertical lights

22 hours 13 minutes ago
Sighted object in sky at 18.15 hours local time as i went to collect washing from the line. i live under amber 1 & green 25 flight paths. i am used to aircraft, observe flightradar24, used to work in an airport. sighted lights in sky. observed for 5 minutes. went to collect 10 x 50 binoculars as the lights did not move. sighted 5 bright lights in a circle as if you could see 5 l.C.D. lights in 1 light bulb at 30 degrees to the horizon. cloud 1/10 so good visibility. lights lost in high altitude haze but recovered after haze passed over. after approx 10 minutes the lights changed to 3 vertical and wandered slowly n. there was no hurry! like they had stopped for a tea break! no sound (too far away), no vapour trail. visibility unlimited. not the space station, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft (this was a saturday, the r.A.F. don't work on a saturday), my imagination nor psychotic drugs as my previous employer would have kicked me out! i immediately telephoned the local airport (cwl) only 12 miles away as the u.F.O. flies! spoke to the radar operator. "i've only just come in. there's nothing in your area." "what a surprise!" 5 lights sighted which turned into 3 and headed north 10 minutes later. i look forward to my telephone being tapped, my mail being opened and me being branded a fool. i do not take drugs and my drink was a celebration after the event. i stand by my word. i only lost sight of the lights because it is may and the foliage on the trees obscured my vision. i did not leave my garden. r.A.F. rudloe manor bring it on! "whenever i wanted to tell a joke i simply spoke the truth." - george bernard shaw. (1856 - 1950).
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UFO Sighting in Mobile, Alabama on 2018-03-22 19:48:00 - A red orb that moved at a very impressive speed.

23 hours 34 minutes ago
I was out in my back yard looking up at the sky.I have a telescope and im always looking up. the sun was almost all the way down there was just a little light coming from the horizon. but at the same time time you could really see the stars. i was looking at the constellation orion and thats when i saw this orb. the best way i can describe it is, you know when you see a jet flying at about 10 to 15 thousand feet and its leaving a con trail? the jet looks like its almost not moving. this orb was at about that height and distance but it was moving fast. it started below the western leg of orion and moved in a straight line basically passing directly over sirius and kept going. it traveled from the southwest all the way to the south east in about six seconds. it was one of the coolest things i have ever seen. also my mother was standing right next to me.
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Alien Encounter in Bradford, England on 2017-06-08 23:00:00 - This wasn't a i ufo as such, it was a physical alien/being

1 day ago
Me and a friend were walking through the field by our house as we went to smoke. as we were approaching wee heard this loud pig like squeal which sounded as if it was 300ft+ away from us. around 2 minutes later we heard it again, probably around half the distance. then a minute after that we heard it again which sounded as if it was around 30ft away. all of a sudden we heard this loud screech again right by where we wete standing. what i saw was some kind of animal, but it was white and extremely fast. as soon as it past us i started running, because of obvious reason, there was some kind of being right by me around 3 ft away. i turned around and my friend who i was with had done the same thing without even realising what happened. literally around 10 seconds after it past us, again we heard the screech but it seemed even further than the original. unfortunately, it was so fast and how scared we were, the only thing we could make out was a white oval shape type entity.
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Santa Fe Shooting OBVIOUSLY Another False Flag Terror Operation

1 day 1 hour ago
    Santa Fe Shooting OBVIOUSLY Another False Flag Terror Operation Operation Gladio C Strikes Again State of the Nation In what other country does a high school kid “armed with a shotgun and a .38 revolver smuggled under his coat” show up at 7:30 AM to conduct a well-planned mass shooting?[1]  How did he […]
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UFO Sighting in Hershey, Pennsylvania on 2018-05-18 22:02:00 - Multiple glowing orbs seen in sky by witnesses. some hovered for a while then fell below tree line.

1 day 1 hour ago
My roommate came into our apartment after being out at the movies. in a panic he told me to look out the window. i seen two orange orbs in the sky with clouds appearing orange as well. i decided to start recording it for the purpose of evidence. the orbs would hover in a general area for a few minutes which confused people. after 40 minutes or so it stopped. i counted 19 orbs total from when i started to observe the objects. i immediately recalled to the reports of fireball ufos that are over the internet. i thought of it potentially being a ship with its cloaking device failing. i watched for an extra 30 minutes after the last orb and there was nothing else.
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Alien Encounter in ANTALYA / TÜRKİYE, Antalya on 2014-10-13 06:10:00 - Sabah saatlerİnde gözlem

1 day 3 hours ago
Antalya'dakİ evİmde erken saatlerde güneŞİn doĞuŞunu gözlemlemek İçİn uyandim. gökyüzü parçali bulutlu, kismen açik. gökyüzünü İzlerken bİrden bulutlarin arasinda fotoĞraflarda görülen İkİ esrarengİz iŞiĞi gördüm. belİrgİn olan kuzey yönünden güneye ve ak denİze( mediterranean )doĞru çok hizla İndİ. bulutlarin arasinda kayboldu. her İkİsİ de tek hat üzerİnde çok hizli İlerlİyordu. vİdeo kaydedİcİyİ bİle almaya zamanim yoktu. 6 dakİkada her İkİsİ de bulutlarin arasinda kayboldu. hizla İlerlerken bazen roket arkasindakİ iŞik / alev gİbİ İz birakiyor, bazen de arkasindakİ iŞik kayboluyor boŞlukta tek baŞina kaliyordu ama seyahat devam edİyordu. görüŞ alanimdan çok uzakti. elİmdekİ makİna İle ancak bu kadar tespİt edebİldİm. öndekİne göre daha sönük gözüken iŞiĞin daha gerİde olduĞu bellİ ama her İkİsİ de ayni fİloya aİt gİbİ. doĞu yönünde 60 - 70 derece açi İle gökyüzüne doĞru yükselİyordu. her İkİsİnİn de sesİ yoktu. ucak rotasinda deĞİllerdİ. antalya'da yaŞayan bİr uçak pİlotu arkadaŞima görüntülerİ gösterdİm. uçak olmadiĞindan emİn olduĞunu söyledİ.
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