UFO Sighting in Grand Ledge, Michigan on 2018-06-23 21:45:00 - I was observing fireworks at our town and also was viewing the waxing gibbous moon with my 10x bionocs. a white light moved slowly and hovered above the fireworks.

5 hours 38 minutes ago
I was sitting on my porch viewing the city fireworks. i was also viewing the waxing gibbous moon with 10x binoculars. i noticed a white light moving slowly towards the fireworks display. it stopped above and away from the fireworks and hovered for perhaps 3-4 minutes. it then moved across in a westerly direction and hovered as i could still observe it. the outline was visible to me through the binoculars and appeared cigar shaped and emitted a white light. it then returned to the first place it appeared and hovered there for a few minutes. i watched it closely through the binoculars. there was no sound. it was not a helicopter nor an airplane, nor was it just a reflection from the fireworks. i spend navy time on aircraft carriers and am very familiar with the sound, shape and lights of aircraft. i've also been an active ameture astronomer for the past 20 yrs and can easily identify planets, stars, comets, meteors, etc. this object displayed movement, hovering and lights like nothing i've ever seen before. i'm a retired experimental scientist and include biological psychology, cognitive, and experimental methodology in my 25 yr college teaching career. the object then emitted a very bright blue light and a golden-copper bright light as it flew away in a e.Ne direction. i was very fascinated by this event and it certainly drew my total concentration on the episode. this event was not a result of fantasy, wishful thinking nor of "creative imagination". i was fully lucid and employed rational thinking to observing and gathering all the data i could. i have approximately 95% episodic recall, (formerly called photographic memory). my conclusion is that this object is not from mankind. no flying object on this earth has this level of technology to perform flying in this manner.
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UFO Sighting in Alaska on 2018-06-24 01:51:00 - Unknown light ascending into the sky

7 hours 39 minutes ago
We live by an airport. at the beginning of the video you can see what airplanes look like taking off from our house right to left of the screen. the other runway is shut down for repairs. this white light shows up, going from south to north across the flight path which i’ve never seen. then it disappears into the sky. looked like it was revving up before takeoff.
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UFO Sighting in California on 2018-06-22 22:00:00 - Stars that change direction, flash randomly and hover for long periods of time.

9 hours 19 minutes ago
We have witnessed this not just on the date listed, but many many times here in our area. we noticed that activity seems increased at night from 10pm and on. we will see a stationary "star" suddenly take off and start moving.. or a star/satellite type light moving slowly, or fast. they will change speed, hover in place, change direction, flash bright lights, flash lights randomly and some times in odd patterns. the speed at times is remarkable, and they often appear to speed off into space, away from our sight. we have had others come to our home and see them, and several of us have large amounts of experience working with and around aircraft both for the military and civilian parts, and this does not appear to be any known type of aircraft. it does not appear to be a satellite in any way, nor does it appear to be natural occurrences like shooting stars, space junk, ball lightning, etc..
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UFO Sighting in Darmstadt, Hesse on 2018-06-23 16:07:00 - What seemed to be a fleet of black helicopters near hill of frankenstein flew away over the hill .

11 hours 12 minutes ago
While walking in the fields south of darmstadt (near frankfurt) and near castle frankenstein, i noticed a group of 5 helicopters or light airplanes in the middle distance in front of me but more to the left. i got one photo with my mobile before they dwindled into the distance. in all the years of walking these fields i had never seen such a group of objects before. there was no noise so they were not jet planes. at first i thought a group planes. but the dark blackness was unusual - normally planes appear grey or glinting in the sun at that distance (a few km i estimate). in the photo they seem be be consistent with a helicopter form of the long thin variety or indeed light aircraft. just a tad on the side of the mysterious. a bit of synchronicity: with my eldest daughter i had had a chain of synchronicities in the last while. in one we wanted to play chess and had no board so made one of cardboard including pieces. later that evening, about 1 hour after our game, i read in a sci-fi story of just such a cardboard chess set that was crucial to the story ('the game we played during the war' by carrie vaughn). anyway she had, just before the incident described, mentioned going to a town 'for mysterious reasons'.
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UFO Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on 2018-06-22 20:45:00 - Large circular pattern of lights in sky

21 hours 2 minutes ago
I was driving and delivering food when i spotted a very large group of lights (about 4-6) that made up approximately half of a perfect circular shape. these lights hovered in place. by the time i finished my delivery and made my way to a nearby parking lot to view the lights better, they had completely vanished. i sent a text message to a friend asking them to confirm from nearby chandler, az, but they were unable to see the lights. in the text message, i likened them to the phoenix lights.
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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2018-06-23 16:24:00 - Looked like a twinkling metallic star. would get bright then disappear. a bunch of people saw it. i am including a z

21 hours 32 minutes ago
I was at disclosurefest walking back to my car when i saw a group of people pointing up. at first i couldn’t see what they were looking at and then i saw it. the ufo was a tiny metallic sphere. it would give off a bright light and then disappear. i looked at it through binoculars and it would disappear through the binoculars as well. however with binoculars, i could see a very bright light in the center of the object, different from the glint of the sun. it was stationary. there was no pattern in its appearance and disappearing. after about 15 minutes, my arms got tires and i left. i took a zoomed in iphone photo and what looks like a white dot on the left hand corner is the object. there was a lady who took a zoomed in dslr photo and it looked like a light inside a bubble. similar to what i saw through binoculars.
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UFO Sighting in Round Rock, Texas on 2018-06-23 10:33:00 - Looked like plane but way too fast, stopped, disappeared, reappeared same spot going new direction.

22 hours 49 minutes ago
We were taking a walk down the street, heading roughly north. what looked like a plane at a high enough elevation to be obscured by clouds at times moved from our right to our left. it was extremely fast. it crossed half the sky in a matter of seconds. it stopped and then disappeared, possibly because it was obscured by a cloud. then it appeared again, only this time it had changed direction by 90 degrees and was moving toward us. after moving about 1/10th the distance of the sky, it disappeared again. we did not see it reappear during the remainder of our walk. i could see red and white lights, but there may have been other colors. it was too small and fast to get a great look.
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UFO Sighting in North Ridgeville, Ohio on 2018-06-23 20:45:00 - Tall green alien was standing near power line tower thought it was a deer run up power tower to small craft

23 hours 10 minutes ago
1..I was driving in north ridgeville ohio 2.Was standing on ground next power tower 3.Thought was a deer 4. i had the presence it noticed i seen it 5.It climbed the power tower and i thought who is crazy enough to do that then i realized it was green and very linky or long armed and climbed so fast unreal .6 i was not scared but more in shock 7.As soon as it reached top of tower, craft come into view emitted smoke or chem trail cloak and then i could still see it take off straight up then off into distance at unbelievable rate almost unreal ,this was amazing site
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UFO Sighting in Parrottsville, Tennessee on 2018-06-17 02:30:00 - We have noticed this object for the past week it will disappear then be someqhere else it will brighten and dim. i have also noticed since sitting up through the night and observerving the…

1 day ago
They are a light at my house. it moves and i have observed and they have been flashing light around it at times. ive tried video but my phone and camera doesnt zoom in well. i have been observing this for about a week. i have stayed up every night for this. it moves and its just very interesting. i am a huge ufo fan and i truly believe this is an awesome and rare find.
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UFO Sighting in Marshfield, Missouri on 1992-04-08 05:00:00 - Resembled a ferris wheel turned on its side, that large if not bigger with flashing square lights were amber against a navy blue background.

1 day 2 hours ago
I was leaving my parents home at in marshfield, missouri in april of 1992. i backed out of the drive not turning on my lights until i backed out onto the road. when i put the van in drive and turned on my headlights the object suddenly lit up right over the fence alongside my van. it was dome in shape with pulsating lights appearing on two levels. the background against the lights appeared to be navy blue or violet in color. it was large and sitting on the ground. my first reaction was of fear. i should have returned to the house but my first instinct was to flee. i drove to the 4 way corner usually i would turn right to hit the shortest way back to town instead i went straight. when i stopped about a mile down the road i did not see it anywhere. it resembled a ferris wheel on its side in size.
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UFO Sighting in Andrews, Texas on 2018-06-22 22:24:00 - Daughter and i observed cross-like ufo moving fast through eastern and northern sky with directional changes

1 day 5 hours ago
While sitting outside in our back yard, smoking a cigar and talking with my 17 year old daughter i observed a cross-like object moving very fast from south to north. this was a very clear night with excellent visibility. it had the shape of what my daughter later described as a "ghost plane". she did not initially see the object as it moved out of sight very quickly, but within seconds she called out that she saw it as it was moving in different directions slightly further to the north. i only saw it for a fraction of a second before it disappeared, but what i did see and what she described was identical to what i had just previously seen. the object seemed to fade out of sight as if it were a long way off (miles). she stated that she saw the object move in at least four different directions but that she never really saw it physically turn. she described it as moving very quickly and in several directions. the object itself had a misty light to it. it was distinct and visible enough to distinguish clearly from other objects in the night, but the misty light made it impossible to determine its distance. if i were to guess, i would say that it was very far away. when i initially saw it, i was surprised and could not compare it with anything that i know of. if i had to describe it in more detail i would say that it had the shape of a conventional high wing single engine aircraft, but for its size it would have only been approximately 750 to 1000 feet away. the cross-like shape and ghostly light were the most distinctive things about the craft (apart from its speed). the speed of the object was not as fast a meteor or shooting star, but was way faster than any aircraft i am aware of. there was a notable amount of air traffic as well. i would say that i noted approximately 7 aircraft in air visible (standard aviation lights and strobes) to me within the first few minutes of the sighting. i will say nothing seemed unusual about the aircraft other than the number. we continued to watch for some time but with no further sightings of the mysterious object. my first reaction was amazement at the speed and ghostly shape of the object. that soon turned into me questioning what i had just seen, but when my daughter saw it and pointed into the sky and i seeing it briefly know that it was not my mind playing tricks on me. when my daughter described it as a "ghost plane" i thought that was a perfect description based on my observations. due to our surprise and the quickness of the event, we have no picture or video evidence of the object. i made no contact with local law enforcement. we will continue to watching to see if we can get another glimpse of the object and maybe get some video.
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UFO Sighting in Yankton, South Dakota on 2018-06-23 00:00:00 - Appeared on security camera at 12:15 a.M., hovering then moved up, showed up again at 12:55 a.M., closer,brighter,

1 day 6 hours ago
Going threw my security camera on june 23rd 2018 at 12:15 a.M. a light appeared above trailer, hovering then slowly moved up then disappeared, then at 12:55 a.M. the light appeared again closer bigger, and bright white. moving above the trailer, probably several hundred ft. away
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UFO Sighting in Westfield, Massachusetts on 1999-05-31 00:00:00 - It was saucer-shaped it was just hovering as we pulled up in the car and it never moved it had hundreds of little square windows around it

1 day 6 hours ago
This sighting occurred the summer of 99 me my girlfriend and a friend of ours we're driving it seems to find a party that was supposedly being held at a gravel pit in our neighborhood we came down the road near the gate of the gravel pit but there was a shortcut we needed to take down the railroad tracks a little bit to get around the gate but between the gate and the railroad tracks we could see this massive disc with hundreds of little square windows around the whole area of the disk at this point my girlfriend who is now the mother of my two children started screaming what is it what the hell is it and i was trying to stay calm but i was getting scared at the same time i said i don't know but i know it's not something out of the ordinary not a plane it's nothing that we have in our military or technology and my buddy in the backseat was asking the same thing dude what the hell is that thing i said i don't know but we need to get the f out of here and my girlfriend was still screaming and frozen so i literally reached over put the car in reverse took my left foot and stomped on her right foot and i was driving the car from the passenger seat going backwards up the dirt road back towards the gate of the gravel pit i spun the car around put it in drive and got out of there we went up around the curve still looking back and it was still hovering over the trees it had never moved and we never went back that night and we still mention it to each other almost 20yrs later and we have no explanation for what we saw that night but it was massive in size and it was perfectly still just hovering over the treetops next to the gravel pit and the railroad tracks and probably a 100+acer field it was pretty remote area with the closet house probably a quarter mile away this is the first time i've talked about it public since it happened back in 1999 thanks for letting me talk about it jp
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UFO Sighting in Abrams, Wisconsin on 2018-06-23 00:00:00 - We were outside in the sunshine enjoying the weather. i happened to look up and saw a white oblong shape moving slow in the sky my daughter kept following it with her eyes ran across the yard by…

1 day 6 hours ago
1. i was in our backyard with my three kids playing with them. i sat down in my chair and looked up at the sky. 2.When i looked up after sitting down. 3. at first i thought it was a airplane. 4. it flew in a straight line, it was a oblong shape and it was white. 5. i was calm and moved quickly to get a better look at it. so was my daughter. 6. i tried to keep up with it i lost it behind these trees. my daughter ran across the yard to keep an eye on it to see what it will do. she said it took off fast with smaller objects following behind it and all of it was gone.
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UFO Sighting in Aubignan, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur on 2018-06-06 19:01:00 - Apparition d'un objet inconnu dans le ciel

1 day 8 hours ago
Installã© ã  la terrasse de mon jardin , mon attention a ã©tã© soudainement attirã© par un objet, dont la forme ainsi que le mouvement m’ã©tait totalement inconnu . la fluiditã© de son mouvement rotatif lui donnait , une impression de lã©gã¨retã© et de flottement dans l'air. la forme d un dã´me qui reflã©tã© une lumiã¨re dorã©, uniquement sur le dessus associã© ã  une forme cubique de couleur noire ne me permet pas de dã©crire le haut et le bas de l objet . aprã¨s quelques secondes de stupeur et d'incomprã©hension , j ai appelã© mon mari, en criant tout mon ã©tonnement ,et c est ã  ce moment prã©cis que j ai perdu de vue l'objet dans le ciel, qui a disparu instantanã©ment .
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UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 2014-08-15 22:00:00 - I did not witness a ufo only the entitys themselves which took me your lower box will not let me write in it

1 day 8 hours ago
This is not an easy account to tell about i've reached out to many and have told my account to a lot of people i hate feeling alone in this because no one believes you i would like to explain this story to you but it is a lot of writing please contact me the things i witnessed were real and also marked me. i had many strange things happen to me before and after my account i don't i have tried for five years now to figure out what happened to me if you could go me or would like to here my story email me at enlightenedone12@gmail.Com i'm not going to tell it to people who will just think i'm crazy and to mufon i don't know how this works but would like you're help in figuring this out thankyou
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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2018-06-21 23:01:00 - Observed disc shaped light travelling straight then zig zag zig

1 day 10 hours ago
I and a friend were standing at restaurant patio i always check the stars and we observed a bright starlike object travelling in a straight line firstly thinking it was a satellite but moving faster than a commercial jet but quite higher i would estimate 50-60 thousand feet. then suddenly zig zag zig and resume same flight path appeared to slow down as it was heading further east.
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UFO Sighting in Big Sandy, Texas on 2017-09-02 00:00:00 - Disk 6 bigger ships

1 day 11 hours ago
They are still here more come every night over 1000 so far this is on going every night there are 3 stargates here and another 3 miles up the road with 2 coffins they aliens are friendly.. and the people are also all different ages amish people included i am in front of all of this since day one as i have explained 4 different times its easier on the phone or if you were here. i have good feelings on this and if they were not friendly i would know yhey come over and talk to me 3 different times and they watch me 24/7. there is no lost sight of the objects.. if you were here i could show you and tell you a lot more..
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