UFO Sighting in Skanee, Michigan on 2018-08-17 21:36:00 - Orange/red sparkling, pulsating sphere hovering stationary for two minutes

8 hours 47 minutes ago
We were on a 25 foot fishing watercraft on huron bay near skanee michigan, lake superior, baraga county. it was very cloudy. all of the evening sunlight was gone and we were navigating by radar. i was keeping an eye on the tips of the fishing rods when right in the center of my vision appeared a stationary orange buzzing/pulsing light. the light had the activity of an intense energy source like an arc welder and not light such as an incandescent or led light. it had random surges and sparkles and pulsating energy which is why i chose to start recording it with my iphone. the light appeared to be surrounded by clouds except for the opening to the lake which amplified its aura or glow. i quickly noticed it had no aviation lights which immediately made the sphere highly suspicious as a traditional aircraft. it remained stationary despite my video causing it appear to dodge back and forth between the fishing rods, this motion was being caused by the waves on the lake. two other men with me witnessed what i captured on video. we were hungry, we were having a good time, and had some laughs about this potentially being a ufo sighting. it wasnt until i researched other videos available on the internet about orange spheres that i realized how significant this encounter was when i found other examples of videos of the same light in the sky, some going as far back as 2011 (pa orange light ufo.) after watching the video several times it seems that the sphere may had sped off in a further eastern path while also going lower in the sky as if to follow the same altitude from of the surface of earth as it faded out of sight quickly. this area (county)is on the southern end of lake superior where you dont see the other side of the lake on the horizon when you look north, its a very large body of water. we were in the narrow huron bay which sits behind a peninsula of land on the west and east sides. i have some luck or skill spotting estimated distance with land from the water and so using that experience i estimate this sphere was 6 to 8 miles away and potentially 25 to 50 feet in size. it was at the lowest inner base of the low flying clouds somewhere 1000 feet to maybe 2000 feet high. it did not occur to me to check the radar, perhaps if it had stayed longer than 2 minutes i might have thought to look at the 36 mile radar on our watercraft. on the video you will also see a light reflection on one of the fishing poles that comes from the navigation light above our radar dome. i wished i had thought to zoom in and take the encounter more seriously.
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UFO Sighting in Ferndale, Washington on 2018-08-19 21:45:00 - 3 bright lights inline then turning into a triangle. going from north then turning south

8 hours 54 minutes ago
As i was sitting on my front porch after dinner i noticed 3 lights in a row coming toward me from the south to the north. then they turned to the south over my head almost , as they turned they become a desending triangle. as i watched them they disappeared not sure if they went all the way to the ground. no noise and couldn't see shape because of the smoke and haze. may have been planes but no noise and no outline of plane.
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UFO Sighting in Brough, England on 2018-08-09 10:45:00 - Small dark egg shape, just under clouds, moving left to right, sighting lasted about 3 minutes.

9 hours 20 minutes ago
I was looking out of window at some lovely clouds when something in clear blue sky in between the clouds caught my eye. it was small egg/round shape and all black, at first it travelled as an airplane would but then it dived down, back up quite erratically and then continued on same path. it then did some more manoeuvre's that would rule this out being an airplane. after about 3 minutes the object just seemed to disappear into a cloud, but i did see the object pass under clouds so while observing it was just below clouds when flying. at one point it did seem to hover for a few seconds close to a cloud. i did think it could be space station or similar but i could see object below clouds. i also thought it could be a weather balloon, but again the way the object moved at times would rule this out. also the clouds were moving from right to left in my line of sight the object was flying against the wind from left to right. so i am not sure what it was that is why i decided to write this report. it looked like it was solid and black. about 10 to 15 minutes after event i could here raf planes flying close, but that is quite common for this area. i will also add the sun was out at times of viewing the object and it did not seem to reflect light when in clear blue sky or just under clouds, it just remained black at all times. i did not feel frightened while viewing object, it was just very odd.
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UFO Sighting in Alpena, Michigan on 2018-07-10 21:35:00 - Glowing pulsating eliptical craft top orangish bottom whittish pulsating high/low colors in sync.

11 hours 27 minutes ago
This is about a occurance that happened several months after my intial sighting that i had a conversation with sue gehrding. i lost her email and there has been a signifigant encounter that at first when it happened i didnt really want to deal with and tryed to put it out of my head. sue, that technology that was put into my head and didnt want to deal with. well this time it/he annunaki sattan flew right over my place when i was outside and all i can say is this damn gecko made it more clear what it wants from me. i didnt really trust what he was trying or should i say trying to make deceive me do through coehersion. he's been creeping around my place this summer outside when id go outside for a smoke. i know he's there but he wont physically show himself self to me. probably aware i would take his head off with a shovel which i would cause i'm not happy about all this you know. i think he feels safer utilizing it's mind to convey it's requests. it has stopped bothering me for about 2 weeks now and even the person i'm with has heard it's foot steps at night. i told her it's the neighborhood kids playing tricks. coward run's away when i turn on my night vision. well, i have a clearer understanding of how this 4 dimenional space time positioning system works. i've actually ordered parts for the prototype which i have 80% towards a build. it's not really so much a positoning system in that it can be utilized to locate physical areas where time is slower such as a worm hole etc. anyway it's not for me. it needs to be handed off. preferable to musk's team. socom has looked at my white paper but i havent heard anything. dan
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UFO Sighting in Irvine, California on 2018-05-26 13:53:00 - At 0:14 in video very fast moving white objects. most prominent one goes straight up changes directions, goes through a cloud and reemerges

11 hours 32 minutes ago
1. i was filming clouds at the time i am a hobbyist at taking pictures and videos of clouds. on may 18, 2018 in the early afternoon i saw some clouds that i considered interesting enough make a short video for my collection of interesting cloud videos and pictures. 2. i first noticed the objects after making the video and reviewing it a few minutes later. 3. on first look i thought it could have been fast white birds or a mylar ballon from the park near where i live. this happens quite frequently at parties held there. 4. two objects. the main object: at 14 seconds into the video a rapidly moving white object appears at the bottom of the frame and moves very rapidly up to a cloud then suddenly turns left and goes through the cloud and reemgerges head rapidly to the bottom of the frame. on closer look, i see that it is appraently two objects moving together or two objects hooked together. i had to go frame by frame to see this. less prominent object: just before the main object appears at approxately 13 seconds, a white object appears then moves quickly and disappears. this is in the middle of the frame and happens to be mid-way through the path of the main object. 5. i felt excited that i finally caught one of these on film and it actually showed up, becuase i have seen them before but they either didn't show up on review of video, or they were gone before i could film. 6. a few minutes later, after reviewing the video, i came back outside but the objects were gone.
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UFO Sighting in Maryville, Tennessee on 2018-05-11 20:36:00 - Mysterious / weird oval like object moving slowy diagonally down that was glowing yellow/orange with short trail - outline was fuzzy.

12 hours 3 minutes ago
I walked outside my home at dusk to get the mail and i felt "watched". halfway to the curb mailbox (40 feet total distance to box) i looked to my right and saw a strange shape in the sky that looked like a stretched out oval. at first i thought it was a meteor because it was moving diagonally towards the ground and was glowing yellow/orange with a short smoky trail that quickly disappeared behind it not like jet trail that lasts much longer. i then ran inside the house to get my ipad to take a picture of it. it was still there moving slowly and i realized it was too slow to be a meteor, but there was no airplane and no noise - just an long glowing oval. i took a "live" picture on my ipad. fascinated i sat down on the driveway for a couple minutes and watched it. no one else was outside to see it. as i got up to go inside i looked back and it sped up just a little bit. it was tiny from where i was but i think it was huge and far away. there were very few clouds in the sky and they were not near this. i was scared and excited and felt like i was being watched the entire time.
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UFO Sighting in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2017-08-18 15:59:00 - Incidents on record with the police

12 hours 46 minutes ago
I have heard comments of neat trick folks, she can talk without moving her lips. professionals saying they could hear voices. so i had contacted the edmonton gang units to check this out. either we have a new phenomenon that everyone is hearing called telepathy or only certain individuals are hearing this and are schizophrenic. when more than one or two are making the comments, about hearing this. so we either have a) telepathy, a legal definition or b) schizophrenia a mental health diagnosis c) i have never been involved with any gang or occult and have a background with the rcmp with their security clearance and mental health standard on record. the rcmp have been dealing with misdiagnosis. the toronto police, their cold case unit has been working with the edmonton gang units also,with interpol. the rcmp in the wetaskiwin, ab area have heard the term abusive rotten egg farts, in regards to the term of technology. on the record legally.
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UFO Sighting in Wigan, England on 1981-09-09 02:00:00 - Stationary, landed ufo observed in night emitting multicolured light display

14 hours 11 minutes ago
Before i relate my experience to you, let me state that i am perfectly willing to be hypnotised or to undergo any scientific tests whatsoever to establish the veracity of this experience. in fact, i would positively welcome any assistance which could possibly shed any light upon it. i have no doubt that skeptics will insist that my experience is nothing more than a dream or a false memory. however, this particular memory has remained unusually sharp and clear in my mind to this day, 36 years later. in fact, this memory has only grown in significance with time - haunting and puzzling me as to what it could possibly have been. nothing like this has ever happened to me since. it occurred in the year 1981 or 1982. i would have been five or six years of age. the event took place one evening, late at night, when everybody in the house was in bed. i was in my own bed, asleep in my room, which was at the rear of the house on the upper floor. i remember suddenly waking up. the pitch-black darkness of my bedroom had been suddenly interrupted by a spectacular light display. i could also hear and feel a very deep, low, humming sound and vibration. wondering what was happening, i sat up in my bed, looked around my bedroom and noticed that the multicoloured lights were coming from outside. i could see the colours moving, shifting and pulsating from behind my bedroom curtains; so i got up, opened the curtains and looked down through my bedroom window into the garden below. to my left, beneath me, parked stationary on the lawn of the garden, i finally saw the source of the sound and the lights. it was a cylindrical, silver-coloured, smoothly metallic object, slightly smaller than a car. this object was absolutely motionless; it did not seem to be floating or levitating in the air. although it was absolutely motionless, its light display was exactly the opposite - a fast-moving, kaleidoscopic, dazzling swirl of lights revolving clockwise. the patterns were very beautiful and quite mesmerizing. as i stood there watching the lights through my bedroom window, i remember feeling joyful. the source of the lights seemed to be radiating a sense of cosmic love and peace to me. i do not remember anything more. i must have lain back in bed and gone to sleep. with hindsight, it seems to me that this mysterious object was communicating with me through its light display. it seemed to be trying to deliver a message from across the universe. it was certainly not a threatening or hostile presence, in fact quite the opposite. while i realise i am entering into the realm of complete speculation here, my intuition tells me, after all these years, that these were angelic aliens: disincarnate beings of pure light. they were the lights themselves, dancing! if my account is of any interest to you, then i would be delighted to provide you with as much detail as you desire. i relish the idea of being hypnotized so i can revisit the event and perhaps recall more latent memories about this event.
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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2018-08-21 13:13:00 - Noticed trails in formation in sky was very high above the cloud cover as objects would disappear behind the clouds appear to be in formation but super fast unlike any normal military jet or…

14 hours 15 minutes ago
i was at a light turning into my business and i noticed three trails high in the sky it appeared to be flying in formation of three objects they were above cloud cover i also noticed a normal commercial airline flying in to mco which is normal but these objects were flying super fast even faster than military jets i’ve seen in the past they appeared to be ascending into the atmosphere almost like a rocket but i am not aware of any rocket launches happening at the cape today and in perfect formation it was very odd
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UFO Sighting in Flint, Texas on 2018-08-18 18:35:00 - Witnessed highly reflective cylindrical object directly overhead flying at high speed followed by 2 other smaller objects. the saw 2 normal aircraft in pursuit

15 hours 17 minutes ago
My wife and i were hanging out at the pool. sky was clear, no clouds. i noticed a bright cylindrical object directly overhead at a very high altitude. which is normal for commercial flights in our area, which we see occasionally. however, this object had no wings and was travelling at a high rate of speed. my wife an i watched the object as it passed and moved away. the sun was lower on the horizon and was reflecting extremely brightly off the side of the object. as we watched the object move away we saw it change from a smooth cylindrical shape to look more like 4 interconnected spheres appearing like a caterpillar or pearl necklace. the object disappeared from site moments later. scanning the sky we saw one then another object of similar shape but smaller travelling in the same direction, at a similar speed and altitude as the first object. at that point i started thinking something really strange was happening. we observed the two smaller objects until they appeared like bright stars seen during daylight, then they faded from view. moments later we saw two aircraft at what appeared to be the same altitude flying in the same direction as the objects. the aircraft were travelling much slower, as we would expect from the normal flights we see. the aircraft were unusual, one was a large 4 engine all white bomber looking type aircraft, the other was orange or red and looked more like a commercial aircraft type plane. as they passed overhead they followed the same flight path as the objects, as if they were in pursuit. they had no chance of catching them. i stayed watching the sky for a time (15 to 20 minutes) when i suddenly saw the two aircraft return. they performed a circle then split up. one on the same flight path as the objects, the other on a more westerly heading. this action in and of itself is very unusual for our sky's as we've never seen aircraft of that type turn around. i had my phone camera ready but only managed to get a telephoto shot of the white bomber looking plane. my wife and i are convinced we saw something very unusual. the objects we saw were not normal aircraft and most certainly did not have any wings. i actually felt a sense of fear when i saw the objects. i checked the local news for any reports, but found nothing. the entire incident happened fairly quickly. the incident was such that i feel compelled to share my experience here in the hope that perhaps someone else might do the same to corroborate our sighting.
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UFO Sighting in Limerick, County Limerick on 2018-08-01 23:59:00 - Witness saw 4 lights zig zagging across the sky.Just under the clouds.

15 hours 29 minutes ago
On approximately 1st august.10 young men went for a drive to loch gur,co.Limerick, ireland in 2 full cars.As they sat outside the cars at some picnic benches they all witnessed 4 glowing lights in the air, the lights were zig zagging , as if chasing eachother, or circling around the stone circle,grange, co.Limerick.Only 1 witness could capture it on his phone.Shortly afterwards he sent me the 2 videos through social media.34 seconds and second video was 26 seconds.The lights remained in the sky when the group left the area.They watched the lights for 30 minutes approximately.They all felt fine, but amazed at what they saw.
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UFO Sighting in Loughton, England on 2003-09-14 03:15:00 - Life changing, unbelievable, amazing, captivating, scared, worried, every kind of emotion you can think of, we are not alone

15 hours 47 minutes ago
I was having sex and then my partner let the dog out and the dog came back and she stayed outside and said have a look at this and for some mysterious reason i wanted to go out there at that very moment but i couldn't move for a moment. my partner made me notice the object, quote i have been obsessed with this phenomina since i was 9. i thought the object was as i had already had two previous encounters, the first one was in my school play ground waltham abbey essex, in broad daylight between 8:20am and 8:30am and it was clear as water what three of us see a chrome disc appeared about 500 feet above our head, then it shot to the left and seemed to fly around a plane then it came back to roughly the same height and done a zig zag then it was still and silent still, and then it shot straight up into the air, and then ever since then it has been an obsession and taken over my life, lucky enough i have managed to witness 3 as of which the first contact was when i was 9 or 10, second was 2003 to 2004 and on my sisters doorstop about 2:30am of which a beam shot out of this object of which i thought was a helicopter first, but no helicopter can move like a fly, as of the third i need to tell everyone?
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UFO Sighting in Bajo Boquete, on 2018-08-21 02:22:00 - Big, with circles around and inside like a sphere form that changed sizes and turn a strong light and then went off

23 hours 32 minutes ago
We live in a mountain area near a volcano in panama (central america)i went outside and my boyfriend was on his phone then i decided to go outside too and noticed the bright/huge light behind him (red and yellow color) with circles around/inside it, it was huge and slowly descended to the ground i thought it was the moon but it turned purple and moved to the left. i took out my camera and took some pictures and it reflected the light creating an aura around it. we lost sight of the object as it descended and the light slowly dimmed to nothing into the mountain. it looked like it was going into a hole in the mountain.
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UFO Sighting in Agua Dulce, California on 2018-08-13 01:15:00 - 3 brighter than star-like orbs form triangular formation then leave in different directions then disappear

1 day 3 hours ago
late sunday night (august 12th, 2018) into early monday morning (august 13th, 2018), i set off to vasquez rocks, ca to photograph the peak of the perseid meteor shower. i've never actually captured a shooting star in a photo before so i was excited to pull this off for the first time. the rugged landscape of vasquez rocks would be the perfect backdrop for a great long exposure meteor shot to where you can also capture the milky way at the same time. i arrived at the location around 11pm, parked my truck on the side of the road, and made about a half to 3/4 mile hike into the park to a place i wanted to set up at with a great view of the rocks and the milky way. my equipment was pretty minimal; sling camera backpack, tripod, and a camping chair. after setting my all my camera equipment, i just sat back in my chair and snapped 30 second exposures at 1250iso on a wide-angle 8mm lens, one after another. at the peak of the shower after midnight, i'd say there were at least one meteor per minute. some of them were fast and dim, while others were slower and bright. i felt very blessed to have such active skies for my photo shoot. at approximately 1:15am, i observed 3 brighter-than-star orbs appear in the northern sky. they were absolutely in space (as far as i could tell) since there was no noise whatsoever. the white orbs literally looked like very bright stars (like, brighter than even jupiter or saturn appear). after only a few seconds from when they first appeared, the 3 orbs came together into a perfect triangular formation, which lasted not even 5 seconds total before they all came close together and stopped for a few more seconds at a closer distance to each other. next, one of the orbs take off in a northerly direction and seems to instantly disappear while the other 2 orbs head towards the south. this is when i started my camera to capture this event. in my photo, the remaining 2 orbs are traveling to the south, hence the light trails from a 30 second exposure. each orb travels exactly parallel to each other and at a close proximity (they could be a larger distance from each other; they're in space from what i could tell). the orb on the bottom disappears after only a few seconds of travel time while the orb on the top abruptly stops, changes direction by reversing about half-way back to where it originally started from, stops again, then gets much brighter before disappearing all together. to my eyes, the event was much larger than my photo reveals since my camera lens was so wide making everything appearing to be smaller it really is. this whole event really freaked me out! i felt the hair on my head and arms stand up as i knew what had just happened and i was basically overwhelmed with emotion. after reviewing my shot, i just couldn't stay there any longer so i packed up and left immediately. the drive back home to los angeles is still a blur. to be honest, i'm reluctant to share my ufo photo just yet. i would like seek advise on how to properly post or share a rare photo with the public, such as this. i feel like my photo is of some worth so if anyone has any experience with capturing a ufo in a photograph and allowing the media to share it, i would love to hear your insight on how to do this properly. in the meantime, here is a couple photos of shooting stars that i took right before all this took place. thanks for reading!
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UFO Sighting in Clearfield, Utah on 2018-08-20 10:04:00 - Looked up thought was plane got brighter, thought iss maybe, then changed direction and faded away.

1 day 3 hours ago
I went out to have a smoke, looked up as i usually do to see planes and shooting stars. saw a light and thought it was a plane. it got brighter (golden light to bright white) then thought iss or satellite reflecting the sun. the object then made what appeared to be a j turn and faded away. if there are star cams in the northern utah area please review. this was spotted facing east but looking almost straight up. the date is 8.20.2018. the time was about 10:05 p.M.Mountain. according to skymalp this was in the constellation or star of deneb.I honestly have no idea what i saw, but i have never seen anything change directions like this before.
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2 hours 32 minutes ago
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