UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on 2018-12-11 05:10:00 - String of bright lights thru trees outside window blinking on and off together at two heights.Was

6 hours 20 minutes ago
Couldn't get to sleep. turned out lights about 5 a.M. and after about ten minutes something flashing through the backyard trees caught my eye. i looked for it again and a series of 6 or 7 evenly spaced lights in a slight convex curve flashed for slightly less than a second. a few seconds later it happened again, also through the trees but lower down and with perhaps less lights. it continued to flash on and off quickly, every couple of minutes, perhaps for one second duration, but not moving laterally, appearing to hover for the next twelve minutes until about 05:22. it resembled the phoenix lights, but appeared to be much smaller, and was definitely an intermittent flashing at two different heights. i looked for news stories using the town and date, and what should pop up on the search engine, but the fact that the international space station (iss) would be visible from pensacola on dec. 11, 2018 in the north at around 5 am and be viewable in the sunrise for three minutes. issue solved, right? but, i have not been able to find anything like what i saw in photos of iss passes anywhere on earth on the net. i should have seen the iss as a single, illuminated by sunlight entity. i did not, nor was i aware that it would be there. and if it were in orbit, would not the row of lights moved across the sky? these lights remained perfectly in place. it is possible that they were little parachutes carrying strobes on a timer, but then again they would have been steadily descending, not bouncing between one degree on the horizon and another further up. i am running all sorts of possibilities through my head, like reflections of christmas lights, but nothing fits. either a series of lights were being bounced off the space station repeatedly in a rhythm, or something else was in the skies over pensacola, watching it pass. i did not photograph it because i am bedbound and couldn't get to my phone or camera. i will be watching at the same time tomorrow and have already told my housemates that if it reappears, they will be awakened! i am guessing that it started at 05:10 and lasted until about 05:22. the only time i looked at the clock it was 05:13.
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UFO Sighting in Salem, Missouri on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 - Orb observation between myself and house.

6 hours 23 minutes ago
I was in a field adjacent to our home, checking on some horses we had just acquired. i wanted to make sure they were ok and adjusting to the 3 acre field next to the house. i was approximately 50 yards away from the east side of our house (deck) and it was pitch black out. i don’t use lights to check in the horses a si didn’t want to spook them, as well as keep my night sight. after making contact with the horses, i had looked back (west) towards the house and i saw a flash or blip of light. it was about the size of what you’d expect a common flashlight to be. this had me thinking there was a person in the field, maybe messing around or looking for mushrooms, who knows. however, we live 15 miles from the closest town and about a mile from the nearest neighbor, whose kids are grown and living away from home. we do live across from a 2500 acre conservation, though there are very few visitors. it was not hunting season and there weren’t any fireflies out yet. having been in the army 20+ years and being a trained sniper/ observer, i know a flashlight blip (for say a signal). however, there was no sound, no footsteps or running and no person(s). i searched the entire field and at times conducted listening halts to listen for anyone talking/moving. there was nothing. so the flash of light was totally unexplained. a month or so later, i saw a light traveling (at night, approx 9pm) down my neighbors driveway (south to north). my neighbor is in his 70’s and i thought maybe he lost something and i called on his home phone to offer my help. he related he wasn’t outside nor had he been. i told him about the light and he said he hadn’t heard anyone. i keep a pair of binoculars in the living room as we see deer, turkeys and a lot of birds. so when i looked through the optics, i for sure saw a light moving down his driveway but could not make out a person. my neighbor said a distant neighbor sometimes coon hunts at night, but there were no dogs and only the one light. again, roughly flashlight size (not like a spotlight) and this time it was on for a minute or so. these were two instances i saw lights out on my property and no (observable) person with said lights. i’ve also heard an unidentifiable roar/scream, of which i can go through just about every animal i know of and that we have here in mo and it wasn’t like anything i’ve ever heard. that event can be documented separately if desired. i have also had two experiences out on the neighboring conservation (this year) where i have seen things disappear. both were initially dog looking and the first also had a dark figure. both times i was with my dogs and both times i found no tracks or trace, no sound, and no contact, though i am 110% sure i saw something both times. the second time the dogs had “hit” on the object and began a chase, but all kind of left it alone after a certain point, which is odd for the english foxhound, which tracks like crazy. so some good stories to share and tell if anyone is interested. i’m a retired special agent and have done many years of investigative work. i find it absolutely fascinating to read other testimonials. thank you for your hard work and diligence!
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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-07-12 18:17:00 - Wetaskiwin, ponoka, camrose, leduc, edmonton,hinton,red deer, hobbema

7 hours 20 minutes ago
I will say it, part of my missing persons case. going back to when i was young i guess. i used get teased and called an alien baby. like i said that did not last for long. i was seen and treated like a person. i went to public school, worked legal jobs, am a canadian citizen, born on planet earth. i lived in residential areas before with out problems, the rcmp can prove this. now with differences, i tell the police, look, i heard the comment hey folks neat trick she can talk with out moving her lips, no it is not a delusion, someone i had known for a long time who commented on a difference. people i knew long term were making comments about hearing voices. so i told the edmonton gang units come and check this out, the rcmp to. either we have a) telepathy going on ( i don't sit and listen to myself so what would i know) b) or some are worried they are schizophrenic c) i have never been in any gang or occult and they can prove that. so i told the police ok either they can prove this legal or dispel this right. in the bounds of the law. this group and program come around out of ponoka, this made up eastern star group, illuminati. people tell they say they are a secret society,. nobodies suppose to talk about this. really, when this has to do with a missing persons act, a missing persons case, which can be proven legally, that would entail a new identity, so what. in a missing persons act, there is also a peace bond. which can include disturbing the peace and noise complains. right bitchy face and swass ass face, this mothership. i am saying this. they go around saying they are hunting humans and animals, unacceptable. whos' problem and issue is this with differences, it is not mine. like i told the rcmp securing things around me as public figure, how can you hide somethings, you can't. work with what mommy nature gave you. that is life, appreciate what you were born with. be yourself, no one else. everyone is unique and different in their own ways. so i just tell the rcmp and police, ok if they can prove things than do it, what is a fraud, scam then they can prove to. facts are better than fiction. safety, laws are a normal way of life, for me anyways.
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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-07-10 10:16:00 - Wetaskiwin, camrose, hinton, ponoka ,leduc ,edmonton, hobbema,red deer

7 hours 53 minutes ago
In defining new legal terms, with a program and group out of ponoka, the rcmp have been dealing with mis diagnosis. bitchy face and swass ass face, with this mothership are constantly being reported to the police for this. also some illuminati group and eastern star group. they are constantly being reported for harassing people about a war in heaven and a decree to heaven. also in this program and group are the perpetrators and suspects in my case. which is a missing persons case/cold case, going back to when i was a young child. i used to get harassed being called an alien baby, that wasn't for long. i grew up in a family dynamic. not a system. differences were also noted while i was growing up. i was treated like a person. i never harassed anyone about my differences. nobody really ever harassed me about that either growing up.I have heard people make the comments to me about nature. this program and group they don't give anyone a chance, they won't leave people alone to be people. i have heard people complain to me about the control, them hunting human and animals. i have heard people refer to the actions of this group like a genocide. i strongly encourage people to report this. growing up, aspects of myself were seen as personality traits. i used to play with skunks, with pout being sprayed. i raised pigs, farrowing making pets out of them, farmers and vets used to love coming around and experiencing that kind of a difference. there were other differences noted, i was born on planet earth, grew up on planet earth, it was always ok to talk about this, in a safe manner. people do have differences, that is a part of life. just like i make jokes about being fart mastered. i have a hard time being silent about this program and group, the abuse, hence why they are called abusive rotten egg farts. i have heard alot of this all across alberta. i heard interpol was struggling with this and the abuse also. i was child once myself and grandma's house is what i wanted to see. it is the cycle of abuse that needs to be broken. it is ok to be different. i told an rcmp member i can't explain everything, if they can prove it true in the bounds of the law for safety.
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UFO Sighting in Hudson, Wisconsin on 2018-12-10 22:00:00 - Shimmering towers with a star like light on the bottom. 4 or 5 floated by 2-4 stationary remained.

8 hours 23 minutes ago
Just before 10 pm i opened the main door to my house to let out the dog. i live in the approach path to minneapolis st. paul airport in western wisconsin and it is common to see planes fly overhead day and night. we also have a fair amount of helicopter traffic from a national gaurd unit in st paul, mn. that night there was a different light through the trees. the light was too long for a plane so i put on my shoes and went outside. i followed the first object i saw through the trees as i moved south toward the end of the driveway to gain a clear view. as i walked i wondered if this was the only one and i looked to the east to see a tall, flickering and shimmering object moving from northeast to south west. the object was flying over the northern part of the neighborhood and i was able to judge this by the treetops. this object was flying over the homes. it appeared 60-80 feet tall. it is best described as a ball that shined like a star with an obelisk on top. they appeared like stars hanging at the end of a white ribbon with different shimmering colors on top, and a bright sphere or star on the bottom, and the one to the southwest was higher and further away at maybe 2 - 4 miles, was higher in elevation than the rest, and appeared pronouncedly yellower. while the skies around me were clear and stars were easily visible. to the south were some clouds and another was visible directly in front of me seeming to move near and into the clouds before becoming stationery and another was to the south east moving away. about this time my 2 daughters were returning home from a concert and stopped in the driveway to witness the objects as well. they entered the house after a few minutes as they were cold. during that time we witnessed the object to the south, southeast, southwest, and we believe directly above, take up stationary positions at the distance of maybe a mile or two. they appeared to rest over county rd n. initially there were some shapes to the north though i lost sight of them. in all there were 4 that took up positions and 3-4 more that moved in the area and then out of sight. there were no sounds. after 15 - 20 minutes i went in due to the cold as the 4 objects i could still see seemed to not be going anywhere anytime soon.
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UFO Sighting in Glen Cove, New York on 2001-05-10 00:00:00 - Object hoovering above the trees, then without a sound,moved very slowly.

8 hours 40 minutes ago
This is my second encounter. my first one i reported a few days ago is case #: 96876. again, the date is approximate, but i can forward you the exact date as this incident made it into the newspapers the next day. of course they said it was weather balloons. i recently moved therefore the article is in my photo album in storage which i will retrieve and forward to you. on this particular night i was at home with my mom. my aunt who lived nearby stopped over to chat over coffee. at about 7pm my aunt said that she had to leave to pickup her daughter at night class. i said to her that she should stay and chat and i will go pickup christine (my cousin). my aunt told me where the school was and said it i pass the harrison conference center then i have gone to far. off i went. i was driving down this long dark road and as is the case i came upon the harrison conference center. unable to really turn around anywhere i kept proceeding down this road. i turned down a street and looked up and there above the trees an object was hoovering. it had lights on the bottom, not of any particular color, they where white lights. i just sat in the car looking up at this object. then a noticed some people come by and one fellow came up to my car window. not knowing who he was, i only rolled my window down about 2 inches. he said to me, 'i don't know what that is, but it's not a plane'. they got in their car and left the area. i remained just watching it. suddenly, without noise, it began to slowly move. i was following with my car. then i remembered my cousin is waiting for me. so i left and picked her up. i told her what happened and took her to the scene, but it was gone. the next day or so i was at my aunt & uncles house in queens. she said she had seen a ufo on the same night that i did. i told her to go into the other room and draw what she saw and that i would draw what i saw. sure enough, we drew the same object with the same structured lights on the bottom. the next day it was in the papers. they must have been seen all over the l.I. & queens area. i will forward the article to you. thank you for all that you do. debbie santoro
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UFO Sighting in Ringold, Oklahoma on 2018-12-10 04:10:00 - Saw reddish orb outside at vacant house hoovering up and down.Then i thought it was a prank someone's drone.It started like hovering up in trees and to ground.I went after it yelling it hid…

8 hours 47 minutes ago
I was in my room grandfathercssw it first said come look at this what is it.I was already kind of expecting that it was someonething like a demonic or entity because of past experiences here at home etc.I opened window looking at it yelled in the name of jesus christ and holy spirit i rebuke u demon it didn't seem to work.Turned on blue tooth speaker and had loud rap music playing towards it it got territorial.I called sheriff he came everything was normal.Then it happened again last night except two entities. seems that they turn into invisible shapeshifting cats spa. almost human .One night it knocked in my window loud i opened the window and it flew like real fast over 35 yards over gate.Etc.I got lots more details need advise getting tired of typing sorry.Uu
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Black Triangle Sighting in Keizer, Oregon on 1962-05-26 14:00:00 - Black triangle close to ground.

11 hours 38 minutes ago
    in 1962 when i was 13 years old i was hoeing strawberries across the street from where i lived on windsor island rd. in keizer, oregon.   it was on a saturday afternoon around 2:00 p.M. and towards the last part of may or early june.   school was not out for the summer yet.   i was alone in the field, when i heard a buzzing, humming noise that gradually grew louder, and the first thing i thought of was that a swarm of bees was heading my way. my father always told me to hit the ground and lay flat if we heard a buzzing noise because it could be a swarm of bees, and that was just what i did.   i didn't think to look for them, until i was laying on the ground, with my hands covering my head and when i finally did get brave enough to look towards the sound coming from the west, i didn't see any bees, but the noise kept up and was now coming from above me.  when i finally looked above me, i saw a huge, huge, huge black triangle shaped object hovering just above me, around a hundred feet or so.   it wasn't moving, but the buzzing, humming sound was still there.   then the object started to come down towards me, i was so scared, i didn't think to get up and run, i just figured i was a gonner, so i just covered my head again, waiting, when i looked up again it had stopped about 40 feet above me, it stayed there for short while, and then it turned to my right, tilted up some and moved towards the sky.   while it was moving upwards and away from me it swiveled again towards the east and then it went so fast, that it was gone out of sight, just like that.   it didn't leave a trail of exhaust or anything, like our airplanes do sometimes and it wasn't noisy like them either, it just had that buzzing, humming noise the whole time.  when i got home i told my foster mom what i had seen, and she told me to never tell anyone about what i saw.   i didn't for awhile, but then i ended up telling just my siblings, and then as the years passed i told a few other people as well.   i hadn't heard or known anything about ufos back then, but when i did hear about them years later, i do believe that it had to have been one, since we didn't have anything like that back then, that could do what it did.  
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UFO Sighting in Medellín, Antioquia on 2018-06-24 18:02:00 - Tengo videos de varios avistammientos.

11 hours 53 minutes ago
1.En mi residencia, observando el atardecer desde la ventana del balcón de mi apartamento. 2. el primero en forma de platillo descendiendo y saliendo de las nubes, el segundo aparece después de ocultarse el primero. su forma no es común a todos los que he observado. 3. son el medio de transporte de dios y sus ángeles. 4. los avistamientos son varios. el primero en forma de platillo, apagando y encendiendo. el segundo como una estrella avanzando de manera no convencional, en zig zag y siendo las 16:00 horas aproximadamente. el tercero en forma de sombrero de copa y de color rojo. de los que tengo filmados acabo de publicar dos en facebook y corresponden al 24 de junio de este año. el último lo filmé el domingo 8 de este mes y su forma se asemeja a un rombo. 5. algunas son naves tripulas y otros podría afirmar que son una especie de drones pero no son convencionales. 6. los luminosos se han ido creo yo desde el momento de apagarse su luz. otros se han ocultado entre las nubes. notas: 1. en algunos avistamientos han estado involucrados miembros de mi familia y en otros algunos vecinos inclusive. 2. los videos los tengo en un formato diferente al proporcionado por windows. mi filmadora es sony y están guardados en play memories home. 3. hoy publiqué en mi facebook dos videos editados los cuales pueden ver en ese sitio. 4. soy sargento (r) del ejército colombiano. tengo 66 años.
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Black Triangle Sighting in Carmésia, Minas Gerais on 2018-03-24 04:50:00 - Era triangular, camera do celular nao focava e o ovni ficou invisível e visível. incrível

15 hours 33 minutes ago
Estava em viagem para minha casa no interior do estado. só estava um amigo e eu, em um carro em uma estrada vazia. quando olhando para o cosmos, avistei e pedi meu amigo para parar o carro. ele ficou incrédulo. e eu? maravilhado, pois quem é um leitor do eram os deuses astronaultas e grande fã do dr. steven greer, precisava presenciar um evento desta magnitude, para pensar ainda mais adiante e enxergar o mundo de uma forma mais cética. fiquei um pouco desapontado, pelo fato da camera do meu celular não conseguir focar no ovni e conseguir registrar aquele momento. mas, é nítida, a memória do formato do ovni, dele ficando invisível e visível, e além de tudo, digo a todos ao meu redor, o que presenciei. sou uma testemunha, que defende fortemente a existencia de civilizações inteligente, que nos visita desde os primórdios dos tempos e que tem muita influencia no que somos e o que fomos.
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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2018-12-09 17:30:00 - Star like flashing ufo was stationary for 2-3 mins then blinked out

16 hours 34 minutes ago
I witnessed this same star like ufo twice. once on the 9th driving home from ft. worth tx on 121 n heading towards the heb area. it was bright and i was thinking this is venus but it flickered more than a star does and was brighter. i watched this until it blinked out and was gone. then today, the 11th, i was driving to work on 183 heading towards irving tx from euless tx and saw the same bright star like ufo but i suppose it was reflecting sunlight this time. it hovered for like 2-3 mins then moved towards my direction then slowly up and up passing a few clouds then faded slowly into space as far as i could tell and vanished. very strange and i have never seen anything like it before ever.Both time the ufos looked to be over dallas or further east of dallas.
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UFO Sighting in Moranbah, Queensland on 2017-12-26 19:00:00 - Approach red glowing silent perfect coming toward us turned and was ultraviolet and different from behind

17 hours 1 minute ago
My wife and i were finishing up outside when i was walking into the house. my wife said to me, what is this? i turned back and walked to her and looked. right away i knew i was looking at something different and obviously so did my wife. approaching us at a slow but perfectly steady and stable height was a glowing red orb from the west at dusk. not fuzzy at all and silent. i watched it come in over town so i raced inside to get a camera. looking back my wife should have done this as i don't own a phone but she is handicapped. i raced outside and it was getting close probably 150 meters so i turned the camera on. at this point, it turned 90 degrees to the south. it was beautiful and bright and made no noise at all. as it moved away i had trouble getting a photo of it. i was in a backyard and my house was in the way. it never changed speed even though it knew we saw it and were trying to take photos. i held the camera above my head and tried to take snapshots of it it was not red from behind but a bright violet colour almost white at times. i took photos of everything, even my security cameras but i'm sure the photo remaining is of the craft or whatever it was. i'm sure it wasn't propelled by anything that i knew of. my wife asked me what i think it is and i told her all the things it should be doing, it wasn't. i said to her it was a ufo by all definitions. we both felt really good about the incident. afterwards, i put a post on the town facebook about it and just received ridicule so i removed it. nobody seemed to have noticed it. i would like someone to enhance my photo as i can sort of see my house in the frame. since then i have had a strange sense of something i can't explain when i go outside to use my telescope. other small things as well.
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UFO Sighting in Woodstown, New Jersey on 2018-12-10 20:00:00 - Glowing blue/green egg being followed

18 hours 12 minutes ago
I was driving home last night east on rt 40 in salem county nj and observed a blue green egg/round shaped object moving at incredible speed from north to south. at first thought it was a comet but it had absolutely no tail. as it got closer to the tree line it abruptly turned to go straight up and disappeared. shortly after some type of conventional aircraft seemed to be attempting to follow the object.
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UFO Sighting in Colorado on 2018-12-11 05:30:00 - large stationary object in se sky with numerous bright lights - brighter than the moon would be. no moon in sky.

18 hours 52 minutes ago
Went outside early in the morning and noticed an extremely bright object high in the southeast sky. at first it looked somewhat like a christmas tree with extremely bright white lights. looking at it through binoculars it appears more oval in shape but has many many bright lights. it has moved very slowly to the southwest, similar to natural movements of the planets over the last 90 minutes and is still visible as dawn approaches.
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UFO Sighting in Roanoke, Virginia on 2017-09-30 03:09:00 - Huge sun size stoplight red sphere of energy(?) came toward me, changed direction, came back and caved in vanished from outside in (speherlike) all of outside rumbled/vibrated i made phone call…

20 hours 8 minutes ago
1. parked beside strauss park field before pavillion about to smoke a cigar in my car. 2. it was massive and glowing bright red with bright red aura leaving slight red trail(probably huge trail because it was enormous.) i dont know how everyone didn't see this. 3. something not from this planet some form of energy pretty sure not solid matter. 4,5,6. decended toward strauss park field (still high in sky) coming in sort of fast(slightly quicker than plane speed). at first glance i thought it was a sun size flaming meteor about to crash into the planet. my heart was racing i was terrified i called my brother and asked him to look outside(he was in vinton, va at the time). he didn't see anything. after minutes of decension it effortlessly came left at slight slower speed than decension toward the middle of the street(westside blvd) hovered in between 2 tree tops that from my point of view looked like a v line(its very close to me at this point i could feel heat and feel my car vibrate mirrors slightly rattle) it looked like a sun setting in a horizon but extremely red, stoplight red. it than began to go slightly up and more to the left from my point of view back up into the sky at least a mile up. after minutes it came back almost the exact same way to the tree line and proceeded to hover perfectly in the v line like a sunset for about 7 minutes before it caved in vanished from the outside in. i was on the phone with my brother the entire time. i expressed to my brother what i saw, the heat i felt, the vibration and noise it was making/giving off, my emotions of fear(heart racing pure fear feeling) for what i had saw and also the anger i felt from not being able to film at that moment because weeks prior i had jumped in a lake with my phone in my pocket and ruined the camera. i have seen a few ufos in my short lifetime definitley all real and with first hand witnesses and definitley all worth reporting but this one took the cake. i had to tell you because of how surreal it was and different. i felt it was easily from another galaxy it was no way man made or craft like you see in movies or i have seen before and also it is the first time i had seen a ufo with no first hand witnesses(other than my brother on the phone with me while his girlfriend was present)(it was also 3.09am at first sight.) i looked up on google "glowing red sphere in sky" and found someone had spotted what i believe could be what i saw, in paris, france but it was a very small picture. mine was extremely up close. i've told a lot of friends and family and they all believe me. i know what i saw i only waited so long to tell you because i had no idea you could write it to someone online that would be actually interested and take it seriously. i figured without the video proof there's no way it can be credible. if i had a camera at the time i'd have undoubtly the greatest ufo footage of all time. i'm willing to show you at the scene and walk through what happened to me that night. thank you for your time please take serious.
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UFO Sighting in Okemah, Oklahoma on 2018-12-10 17:05:00 - 3 contrails in a line overlapping when not many planes are seen. many other planes in area which is unusual.

22 hours 27 minutes ago
1. leaving work driving on same small town route as i do everyday. 2. first noticed walking out of work very close and unusual to see planes in our area and many around. 3. planes but too many too close. 4. flying from west to east south of my location. 5. unusual and took pictures as viewing. 6. driving away and objects continuing to move away.
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UFO Sighting in Stockton, New South Wales on 2017-12-18 14:02:00 - I have a video of it on my utube channel

23 hours 29 minutes ago
You have the information to fine my you tube channel where there are 4 videos of it the time lapse i took first then the cut version with stills and close ups and slowed down version. i’ve had about 5 or 6 incounter ever since i was 12 and seen my first one but this is after i started to look as i was told by my mates dad who was a fighter pilot out here at the time and he told me that he goes out and chases them and that we had the worlds largest collections here at pine gap under ground facility then i stated to look and i have 5 what i would say are close incounter sand about 10-15 not so close so if you want to interview me more then happy i even had a conversation with some without saying a word asked me if i want to go for a spin around the university and laughed after saying it so i decided i asked why they laughed after saying that one said come for a ride and see the after said lies lies lies to me and they took off but came back later in the night and woke me up if you want the rest contact me i’ve all so seen a suo turn into a ufo
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UFO Sighting in Ehrenberg, Arizona on 2018-12-09 17:10:00 - Dark hovering disc object

1 day 1 hour ago
Driving back from disneyland with the family on i-10 heading east stopped at chevron near ehrenberg az to get gas, made a wrong turn to get back on highway, wound up on dirt road close to the gas station and noticed a dark object hovering completely motionless just above the mountains in the southern sky. i observed it for approximately 5 minutes, it had absolutely no motion whatsoever. i was able to videotape it and took one photo before the wife made me leave and get back on the road towards home.
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34 minutes 30 seconds ago
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