Alien Encounter in Colorado on 1995-04-26 00:00:00 - I don't know.

4 hours 32 minutes ago
Hello. i'm shubham chaurasia, i just want to know everything about aliens and other things. i know that they exist and are in contact with few. but i too want to know about them and solve few things. there's too much. but the only problem is that i live in india, i'm hindu by religion, i'm not good in studies, i don't have money, my father and family won't accept this for me. but one day when i'll have money of my own, then i'll start my research. but if you think i'll be of any use to the organization then please help me.
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UFO Sighting in Makawao, Hawaii on 2018-10-18 18:15:00 - Neon green light (two together when seen through binoculars) over wind farm. hovered, descended, hovered, moved south abruptly changed direction several times than moved off north

5 hours 12 minutes ago
On thursday 18th of october 2018 between 18:15 and 18:40 hawai’ian time. i had just collected mail from our box and was walking back to our cottage, in makawao, when i saw a bright, neon green light in the sky toward the southern side of the west maui mountains. the light was stationary above the line of broken banana palms at the rear of our house and above (what i estimate) the position of the wind farm on the flank of the mountains. i went inside and obtained my binoculars and observed the light, which was still in the same position. through the binoculars i observed the light to be two lights touching. i returned indoors and acquired a telephone and tried to contact my friend who lived farther up haleakela, in kula. unable to reach him i contacted his wife. she went outside to see if she could see the light from her higher elevation. as i spoke with her i observed the light move to a lower altitude, bringing it in line with the palms. the light remained stationary in this lower position for a couple of minutes before moving southward over, roughly, the channel between maui and lana’i. within seconds it changed course and moved in a curving upward arc northwards toward wailuku and stopped approximately above the valley, maybe a little southward of, waikapu. the light remained stationary against a deep purple-black cloud, which made the green even more intense, for a number of seconds before it began moving to a lower altitude northward toward wailuku and disappeared behind the branches of an avocado tree. just as i was informing my friend that it had disappeared, the light returned on a southerly course back toward the channel. the light then reversed course, gained a little in altitude and headed toward wailuku once more. this time it did not return. i was on the telephone with my friend the entire time describing the maneuvers; unfortunately she did not see it. the light moved slowly most of the time, slower than the tour helicopters that fly over the valley between haleakela and the west maui mountains. i do not think it was a helicopter due to the lateness of the day and because it was at different points so stationary in the sky. just after the light moved off to the north towards wailuku i observed the strobe red light of an aeroplane moving from north to south from kahului airport.
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Decorated Silver Star Veteran, POW Sentenced to 7 Years for a Gun He Bought 40 Years Ago

5 hours 20 minutes ago

A decorated Vietnam veteran’s home was raided, and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison because he bought an antique gun 40 years ago.   Plano, TX — Alfred Pick served his country honorably. After going on over 100 combat missions in Vietnam, Pick was given the military’s third highest honor, the Silver Star. […]

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UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2018-10-23 00:00:00 - Dim lights in v shape glided in straight path over campus heading south. about 7 indv. lights, glowing very dim. massive wingspan, not too high above ground. saw shadow pass in front of…

5 hours 25 minutes ago
Standing in 3rd floor balcony, stepped out for air cuz door was open. looked out and noticed something flying, watched it come from over campus and glide south on my left. thought it was an owl but indv lights made it impossible, heard a noise but it was only the car below, and as the car noise passed it was still flying by, noise wasnt from its direction. it was night so glowing dim lights caught my attention. glided in a perfectly starightline, seemed to be only a little ways above streetlight, but wingspan and travel speed made it obvious it was further, lights were spaced apart, from where i was like a foot each, but again it was further away. i was marveled, and almost called for my friend on the couch who i just left, they could see me stand just outside the door. i didnt freak out but my body motions told them i saw something, i didnt want to look away, or say anything for fear of losing sight, wanted to remember each detail. object flew over the buildings west if me, so my roof blocked my vision after it passed by.
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UFO Sighting in Marietta, Georgia on 2018-10-21 16:20:00 - Shiny silver metallic noticed like light hit it & beam of light came off, hovered moved slowly then disappeared right i front of my eyes5 minutes after it disappeared military jets showed up then…

7 hours 57 minutes ago
Child receiving horseback riding lesson i was sitting watching i looked up in sky saw light like beam or light bounce off silver object it did not move then moved slowly then disappeared . it was a blue sky no clouds. then about 5 minutes later 2 military jets & black helicopter showed up
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Black Triangle Sighting in Wills Point, Texas on 2018-10-22 21:15:00 - There were so many almost surounding us in our car. one directly above us. several would disappear and then come right back

9 hours 8 minutes ago
We were driving west from grand saline, tx. to mesquite, tx. and directly in front of our car was a triangular shaped craft. had 3 white lights. it held in same position for 10 or more mins. then we noticed there were 5 others on both sides of car and in front at varying heights. some would just disappear for several seconds only to reappear with more crafts. one was actually right above our vehicle. one of the objects shot a super bright beam of light straight upwards then disappeared. while another was in a cloud and glowed a circular light pattern all around. even the cloud was glowing with this almost light show. we stopped so i could get out and try to take pictures to no avail. it was such an incredible experience. at one point i counted 12 of these objects. i will be totally shocked if no one else reports this. it was very near to terrell tx. some of these were so large i couldn't believe how close they were. i would love to know others who witnessed this. we had my husband, myself, my 20 y.O. daughter and her 20 y.O. boyfriend who witnessed this.
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UFO Sighting in Yorkton, Saskatchewan on 2018-10-16 00:00:00 - Driving home from work and noticed object hovering then more towardz me while flooding sky with blue light

9 hours 10 minutes ago
I was driving home from work and it was hovering on my passenger side of my truck. lights were flashing which were red white and blue. object appeared disk shaped and dark. it followed me home and emitted a blue light that filled a fraction of the sky. it followed me into the yard where it hovered over top of my truck. called my dad to come out as i was scared. by the time he came out it was gone and the chopper was only there and then it left as well.
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UFO Sighting in Grand Blanc, Michigan on 2018-10-22 00:00:00 - Cigar shaped craft with three sationary lights on its side and multiple color changing lights in between those.

9 hours 54 minutes ago
I was heading north on us 23 when myself and 4 other vehicles around witnessed the craft flying very low and very slow to the north east. i know i was not the only person to see it as the other cars around me began to hit their brakes looking at it as i was. i should have pulled over and recorded it with my phone but decided to wait to get to the next exit. i finally made it to the next exit which was about 2 miles down the road. i got out and looked but seen nothing in that direction but tree line. i was now to far away. the night was brisk and super clear. i first though ok that's a drone but as i got closer to this thing it was clear that it was much much larger than any drone. what i seen i will never forget.
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UFO Sighting in Makati, Metro Manila on 2018-10-23 10:12:00 - Observed an unknown disc shaped object in sky

10 hours 38 minutes ago
I was sunning myself with my partner on the balcony at our hotel in manila when i looked to the sky to see how big the cloud was that was obstructing the sun. when i looked at the cloud i noted a round disc shaped object in front of the cloud. i took my iphone and recorded what i could despite the size and distance from the object. the object tracked east, became stationary, appeared to hover, moved up and down, then tracked quickly west . it was observed to erratically change direction very very rapidly in a manner that i am not familiar with and could not explain. i pointed the object out to my partner. i lost sight of the object after i reviewed the footage i obtained, which is quite difficult to view. the object is difficult to see in the movie recording however i have been able to slow that using pause and obtained two stills. good luck if interested.
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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2011-01-01 03:47:00 - Lights seen over deer feeder shot beams down to the ground at some javelinas feeding.

10 hours 46 minutes ago
I lived in far west texas, namely in a small town named alpine. alpine is situated in brewster county and the area spans over 6000 square miles. the area is sparsely populated and is part of the chihuahuan desert with mountains and very rough terrain. brewster county borders mexico, namely the state of chihuahua. i was employed in law enforcement when these events were reported to me, during my tenure i saw many things that i could not explain, mainly lights and possible aircraft that did not resemble conventional vehicles as we know them. in the years between 2009 and 2012 i was contacted by a couple who ranched south of alpine and had been in that area for many years. i cannot reveal the exact place because i have not received permission from the reporters to use their names, nor their exact location where these events took place. what the ranchers reported were beams of light coming down by a deer feeder where wild pigs would congregate to eat corn. the wife was an avid hog killer and she used trail cams to keep a count of the wild pigs. in the photos there are a what appears to be either 8 windows or light hovering over the deer feeder. in other photos there are beams of light coming from above, as if tracking the pigs. the wife reported to me that the lights seem to appear from fall to winter only. no formal investigation was conducted, but the last i heard they still occur. the ranchers denied any knowledge of abduction or missing time.
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UFO Sighting in Harlaxton, Queensland on 2018-08-02 00:00:00 - Son saw strange object falling from the sky and drew the object

10 hours 47 minutes ago
My son who is 6 years old was playing in the back yard and he called out to me saying he saw something strange that was falling in the sky. i went out to see what it was and it was gone so i asked him to describe it, he told me he saw a funny shaped object that looked like it was falling and it had fire coming out of it. i asked him to draw the object so that i could see what he was talking about and i have attached what my 6 year old drew, he has never seen or watched anything to do with ets and ufos other than what he's seen in cartoons and occasional news articles.
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UFO Sighting in Ruth, Nevada on 2018-10-22 10:31:00 - Flying from atlanta to san jose. opened window cover and saw a large circular formation.

10 hours 55 minutes ago
I was in a flight from atlanta to san jose and opened my window cover. we were in the middle of nowhere and there were no roads or civilization for at least ten minutes. i then saw a silver colored huge circle on the ground that had a maze like pattern all throughout it. there was also a large light shining from the very center.
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UFO Sighting in Abiquiu, New Mexico on 2018-08-14 18:33:00 - Light in sky disappears after i felt urged to look left

11 hours 3 minutes ago
I had just finished a hike at abiquiu lake and was now in my car leaving the parking area driving east towards highway 84. as i got closer to the highway i noticed this bright white light off in the distance. upon noticing it it got brighter and brighter and then flickered off. i found that to be odd and so pulled onto the shoulder. i sat there in my car along the road scanning the sky for about 10 or so minutes and then suddenly i noticed this urge to look to my left which would be north. in the northwest part of the sky i see this red/orange light and it is pulsating for about 6 seconds, then it suddenly pulsated to a bigger size and brighter within and then simply vanished. the light stayed in one spot the whole entire time and it looked like it was quite far away. the sky was still lit but the sun was about to start setting in about roughly an hour. this is the second time that i have this sort of experience where i feel an urge to look in a direction and i see a light as mentioned above. same exact experience as far as the description of the light.
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UFO Sighting in Bristol, England on 1988-05-18 00:00:00 - Broad daylight encounter spoke telepathically holding onto daughters shoulders

11 hours 56 minutes ago
Walking home from gp appointment after 10am through a subway leading into city centre bristol on a bright weekday first noticed silence deafening silence made me look upward and noticed cigar shaped dull metal objects looked around me on the subway underpass there was no traffic this is the m32 slip road into bristol city centre it is always busy no traffic as far as i could see in any direction no sound of traffic in the distance i placed my hands on my daughters shoulders and for some reason i said telepathically she's not ready for you yet i felt i was heard looked away as i had to negotiate a turnstile and was vaguely aware of a distant rumbling like traffic was in the distance buzzing towards us i felt nervous looked back up and the object disappeared straight up no sign of a trail just up at speed out of sight ...This doctors appointment was made for around 10am my daughter was a cancer patients since two years old this was a regular follow up however when we go home i had intended to send her into school for the afternoon but the clock said 2pm...We had a missing 3 hour slot i made her lunch and life went on ...She lived she is 40 yrs old now but thinks she was operated on by aliens who at the time i said telepathically she's not ready for you yet ...The main alien looked round at me and said whats she doing here also by telepathy....Very odd day
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UFO Sighting in Meriden, Connecticut on 2018-10-22 20:13:00 - Ufo appeared as a bright red-orange glowing light south of my location and followed a straight path northeast.

13 hours 26 minutes ago
I was in my kitchen, right in front of my sink window when from the corner of my eye i had noticed a bright glowing ball, almost flamelike coming towards me up in the sky. i quickly called out to my fiancé to come observe this with me outside, and we did not hear any noise emitting from the object as it passed over us, heading northeast & disappearing from sight above our trees. this object appeared as a bright glowing fireball, made no noise as it passed above us, which we found very odd. it clearly had a flight path, and kept a consistent speed. my fiancé is an aerospace engineer & he & i we’re both left clueless as to what this might have been.
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UFO Sighting in Lake charles, Louisiana on 2018-10-21 13:12:00 - Greyish colored objuect hovering in the sky.

14 hours 52 minutes ago
My family and i were driving back from having lunch in the next town over. my wife was driving and she noticed something in the sky and asked what it was. i looked and was like i have no idea. i snapped two pictures of it and tried to video it but the road was too bumpy and i couldnt even the camera, or get it in view. we watched the object for about 5 minutes as we drove and it never moved from the location it was in. i lost sight of it when we turned off to go toward our home and the trees blocked our view.
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UFO Sighting in Collingwood, Victoria on 2018-10-22 13:42:00 - I was taking a burst shot of the sky using my samsung s8+ it can take 100 photos in 4 seconds, i found a ufo in 7 of those photos

15 hours 19 minutes ago
I was leaving a friend's place in collingwood vic on the 22nd october 2018 at 1:42pm and took a burst shot of the sky using my samsung s8+, it can take up to 100 photos in 4 seconds, as i went through the photos a ufo appears in 7 photos, there was nothing in the sky when i took this burst shot i am totally shocked at what i found in these photos as was my friend who was with me at the time i took the photo, who and what is flying these craft. i can send all 100 photo to mufon, if requested.
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