The Immigration Distraction

1 hour 29 minutes ago
    The Immigration Distraction “The Obama Administration prosecuted 500,000 illegal immigrants between 2010 and 2016. They referred a fifth of those for prosecution, which often resulted in family separations.” — The Daily Caller “Trumps zero-tolerance policy is concerning but isn’t a huge departure from what we saw under Obama, as 52% of all federal […]
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UFO Sighting in Clase, Wales on 2018-06-20 21:30:00 - Saw this in sky whilst taking photos of sun/chemtrails

8 hours 24 minutes ago
We have been taking many photos of the sun using an uv/ir blocking lens on an iphone camera. we are big believers in planet x and have seen lots of unusual objects near the sun, but nothing like this! took these photos at 8.30pm gmt last night facing nw, lots of chemtrails in the sky, we noticed that there was this ring in the sky near the sun, no idea what it was, we thought at first it was something on our lens, but on checking, it was clean. we imagined it might be a hidden planet/spaceship? or maybe a secret government experiment/plane of some sort? made us think of the old sci-fi tv series stargate, it looked like a portal! we lost sight of the object as the sun set, went away behind cloud and roofs of houses. made us think we are not alone.
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GO FIGURE! Israel would rather have Al-Qaeda-ISIS occupying SW Syria than Assad government forces.

10 hours 47 minutes ago
    Israel would rather have Al-Qaeda-ISIS occupying SW Syria than Assad government forces. GO FIGURE!  Massive Battle For Southwest Syria Could Trigger US-Israeli Intervention The long awaited battle for Daraa has begun despite repeated warnings issued to the Syrian government from the US not to extend its military campaign to the country’s south, […]
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UFO Sighting in Richland, Washington on 2018-05-24 20:53:00 - We took a photo of an airplane coming at us.

11 hours 14 minutes ago
We were walking outside at a local strip mall. we saw an airplane (the one in the photo) moving fast and heading toward us. i told my wife to take a photo of it as it was approaching. by the time she got her iphone out, the aircraft was beginning to make a tight turn to the left. after she took the photo was when we noticed the three lights. they were not evident to us when the photo was being taken. when we looked in the direction of the lights, they were not there anymore. fortunately, the camera was in "live" mode, so it appears as a short video. in the video, the lights appear to be above the aircraft and moving with it. we would be interested to know your thoughts based on your viewing of the photo.
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UFO Sighting in Willow Springs, Missouri on 1962-05-31 00:00:00 - Discovered the football shaped object sitting over my grandpa's field (cows were not there) we watched it for about 25-30 minutes. it suddenly flashed various colored lights and zoom it…

12 hours ago
My grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousin and a friend and i (7 people)were grilling hotdogs summer of l962, i graduated from high school 1963, the adults were in the house and us girls were on the concrete driveway cooking when i looked up and spotted the object over grandpa's field. we all said, "that looks like a ufo," and called the adults out to confirm or deny it. we all watched it for several minutes, finally the adults went inside the house as the object just stayed in one spot, making no sound, and they were bored. i kept watching it the whole time, neglecting to help cook and prepare the hot dogs. i couldn't tell that it got any closer but i asked the girls, doesn't that look like a row of windows running across the center of that football shaped thing? they agreed, and i then wondered if i couldn't see something in one of the windows, but it was really too far away for me to be sure. after nearly half an hours the object flashed colors, i tried to memorize the color cycle (somehow i thought that might be important) and staying horizontal to the ground, it quickly zoomed out of sight, no sound was ever made. my cousin and friend and i are the only ones still living to tell of this incident and even though i messaged them about it recently, i discovered they never told anyone else about it in all these years.
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UFO Sighting in Miramichi, New Brunswick on 2018-06-16 00:00:00 - Seen a flash. kept staring wondering what it was and if i actually seen what i thought i saw. then it flashed again just as bright, but further west.

12 hours 3 minutes ago
I watch the stars every night around 11pm when i take my dog out. i'm used to seeing satellites, planes, planets, shooting stars ect. but this was different. so much so that i told my family about it when i went back in the apartment. while i was staring at the sky i seen a bright flash of a pure white light that seemed to be around the altitude of a shooting star or satellite or possibly a very high airplane. not knowing how big the object was made it impossible to judge it's altitude. for this to be a plane however the entire plane would have had to light up white from nose to tale, without the red and green lights that mark every plane in the night sky and it was much too big and far too bright to be a satellite or a star. because it was such a quick flash i was beginning to wonder if i had actually seen it, or if possibly i just caught a glimpse of a shooting star when it suddenly flashed again and this time i was staring right at it. similar to the flash from a camera both in color and duration but much bigger than any planet or star this time it was further west by about an inch from my perspective. there's no way to know how much distance the object really covered without knowing exactly how high it was but this took place in about 15 seconds from the first flash to the second. it would be similar to the distance the satellites cover when i can see them with the naked eye, and it was a much greater distance than any plane ever covers at any altitude. we used to have an airbase here. i grew up watching planes streak through the sky, this wasn't that.
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UFO Sighting in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta on 2018-06-20 20:45:00 - Metalic sphere flew in straight line without changing speed or direction. no sound

12 hours 13 minutes ago
I was laying on my back on my deck with my four year old son. i was facing north. at the top of my vision, i seen a metallic sphere flying through the sky from south to north west. i knew almost instantly that is was not an airplane or helicopter. it had no wings and was silent. it was close enough that i could see it quite distinctly. i stood up and watched it for about a minute until it was far enough away that i couldn’t see it. it flew at a speed that would be about same as an airplane at that altitude which is as quite low. it was shiny chrome and reflected the sun. no speed change or change in direction. my son also seen it. of course i did not have my phone on me as it was charging
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UFO Sighting in Pasco, Washington on 2018-06-20 20:20:00 - Black ball appeared, hovered and disappeared

12 hours 34 minutes ago
Sitting on deck watching storm clouds when a black ball appeared to the northeast at the base of a cloud. it remained for about ten seconds and disappeared. it was very dark and had defined edges. not like it's surroundings. it didn't move that i could tell, just vanished. i estimate the size at that distance to be quite large, maybe 1-300 feet. i was not able to retrieve my phone in time to get a photo. i am prior military and law enforcement.
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UFO Sighting in Kernersville, North Carolina on 2018-06-20 19:33:00 - Bright green sphere cruising across sky

13 hours 52 minutes ago
Was on my way to eat supper. i saw a bright light off in a distance. i pulled off the road and watched it get closer. it was moving at a steady speed. it looked like a ball of green light. by the time i thought about taking a picture of it, all of a sudden it made a zig zag turn and disappeared behind a huge cloud. that's the first picture i took. it entered the cloud from the right side so, i pulled my truck up the road a little bit, hoping that it would exit from the left side of the cloud and i'd be able to get a picture of it. as soon as i pulled up the road, i snapped the second picture. the light was so bright! as soon as it was out from behind the cloud, it streaked toward the east and out of sight. i've never seen anything that bright and fast.
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UFO Sighting in Kernersville, North Carolina on 2018-06-20 19:15:00 - Bright green orb cruising across sky

14 hours 18 minutes ago
Was on my way to eat supper when i noticed a bright light off in a distance to the nw. i pulled off the road and watched the object continue to cruise across the sky. it just appeared to be a round green sphere/orb. it's speed was steady and it was very bright. all of a sudden it made a zig zag turn and disappeared behind a huge cloud. by the time i thought about taking a picture, it had went behind the cloud from the right side. i then pulled up the road hoping it would exit from the left side of the cloud and i'd be able to get a picture of it. so, i pulled up the road and got ready to snap a picture. as soon as i snapped the second picture, the light streaked toward the east and out of site. i've never seen anything so bright and fast.
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UFO Sighting in Prescott, Arizona on 2018-06-17 00:00:00 - Bright vertical white light

14 hours 46 minutes ago
At 12:05 am i went outside on the porch and looked up toward the southeastern sky. i saw a bright white light in a solid line in the vertical position at a 45 degree angle. if the top of the brightest white light is north then there was also a line of white light but less bright than the other protruding from the bottom of the other light at a 210 degree angle, this light was approximately 1/3 rd the size of the other light and connected to the brighter light. i don't believe it was the little dipper or big dipper because the light was solid.
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UFO Sighting in Sosúa, Puerto Plata on 2018-06-20 00:00:00 - A strange bright star with 4 light streaks from it floated slowly towards our building, growing larger as it drew nearer.

16 hours 15 minutes ago
When we looked out the window that night, we saw a strange bright star floating slowly towards our building, growing larger as it drew nearer. after that, i went to bed. for about an hour, i tried to sleep and heard a low humming droning sound. when i couldn't sleep, i got up and peered out my window. there were about another 6 (maybe more) little lights buzzing around the big glowing light like little fireflies. they moved very fast and erratically. coming to the light, moving around it, and then racing away from it across the sky. a cluster of them came around the big light when the electric in the neighborhood died for a few seconds and when it came on again only the one light was left in the sky. (i took the photos with my iphone so unfortunately the quality is low).
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UFO Sighting in Moscow Mills, Missouri on 2018-06-19 10:47:00 - Shaped like a blimp like object but more cone shaped with a cylinder on top and bottom.

16 hours 26 minutes ago
Driving down gravens rd. in moscow mills, mo. noticed it hovering to my right as i was driving. i first thought it was a blimp. it was gray and white in color and then started to move left to right very quickly. wished i could pull over to take a picture but there were no sides to the road. i lost sight of the object when a jet flew right next to it and then it quickly shifted to the left and disappeared.
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UFO Sighting in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro on 2018-06-09 17:15:00 - Dark disc-shaped objects and lights followed by what appeared to be orange ufo's coming out of the sun

17 hours 5 minutes ago
I was on a commercial airline flying from recife, brazil to sao paulo, brazil. i was taking photos out of the plane window of the sunset. i noticed something unusual and just kept snapping photos. when i later examined the photos, i saw dark disc-shaped objects and lights that seemed to be waiting for some event. in later photos, i saw what appeared to be orange ufo's ascending from the sun. i later researched and found that these orange ufo's are seen all around the world, and nobody knows what they are or where they came from but do appear to be controlled.
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UFO Sighting in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro on 2018-06-09 17:15:00 - Dark objects clustered and separate followed by orange ufo's coming out of sun

17 hours 43 minutes ago
I was in a commercial airplane flying from recife, brazil to sao paulo, brazil. i was taking photos out of the plane window of the sunset. i noticed something unusual and kept taking photos. later when i studied the photos, i noticed dark disc-shaped objects and lights. it looked like they were waiting for something to happen. photos after this showed what appeared to be orange ufo's ascending out of the sun. later, i researched and found orange ufo's like these are seen all over the world but nobody knows what they are or where they come from, but they appear to be controlled. maybe this is the answer.
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UFO Sighting in Beulah Valley, Colorado on 2018-06-16 23:55:00 - Fast-moving trapezodial lights on clouds, + beam up or down from clouds in mountainous area

20 hours 57 minutes ago
I could not sleep and went outside onto my driveway about 11:55 pm on sat. night. could not help but see rectangular lights fluttering about (3) to the south. actually trapezoidal shapes. at first thought they were searchlights from big cities being directed to the bottom of cloud-decks. in this case clouds were probably 10,000' up, fracto cumulus. there was enough space in between the clouds to see scorpio (the constellation), the milky way, and many many misc stars. problem is looking south toward the mountain ridge there are no big cities on either side, just some gated communities with maybe a dozen expensive homes/ranches on large acreages. very small population; maybe 12 residences. could have been from one of them i suppose. in any case, i watched the white light shapes move around rapidly. had no feelings one way or the other. phenomenon was probably too far away (2 to 3 mi), reflecting off the bottom of the clouds. then the lights disappeared and a beam appeared, either shining up from ground level about 3000' up to one of the clouds at a probable 10,000' (my base level is about 7000'), or down from the cloud. it appeared to be about 1/4" across (2 or 3 mi south), was consistent from top to bottom, and had a plasma-like interior, with debris inside (it was clear mountain air). i saw nothing else travel up or down the interior of the beam. it lasted about 15 seconds, then disappeared and the phenomenon ceased, incl the rectangular lights. i should mention that the night before a very large apparent blackhawk helicopter (twin prop, maybe 40'long) with white lights on the front with red on the back was looking for something in the area. was doing touch and go maneuvers on school football field a 1/4 mile north, + shining searchlight on farm field across the road. was hovering and very noisy for about 10 min; took off back toward pueblo. appeared to be looking for something and seemed to be military (co spgs bases are not far to north). was it related to the observations the next night? unknown. unless their searchlight beam can travel 3000'and also cast a rectangular beam. do not have sketch to submit of sighting i drew afterward on sat night until i scan and digitize it. no sketch of helicopter incident previous night.
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Black Triangle Sighting in Campbeltown, Scotland on 2018-05-20 01:00:00 - Triangle n disc craft doing something in water seen 4 times in month witnessed by sevral

21 hours 20 minutes ago
The first sighting was made by me n friend disc shape craft numbering over 50 in sky and hovering over water seems to move in unisun as if in search pattern seems to communicate by flashing white n red lights to each other distemces varied from 50ft to miles craft over water seems to be in groups of 3 and moved miles at blink of eye direction changed without slowing or stopping path which higher ones flew was erratic appears to shake side t side sometimes when hovering and shown red and white beams into water and over island of sanda as if looking for somthing n shot across sky from standing start without taking time to speed up seemed to join toghether to make large triangle craft which when got close emitted humming buzz like power station but u could feel the noise and static in air sighting lasted 5 hours and had me and friend amazed at first then terrified later at sheer numbers of craft we thought the world was under attack craft over water went into sea as light came up ones in sky dissapeard when we first saw the objects we thought they were drones till we seen the speed and ease of movement it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen from my caravan window and i lived there for a year before this.2nd sighting.Was of one disc made around a week later by me and my girlfriend in the same location moving erratic thru sky at speed lasted only minutes. 3rd sighting same local only several craft doing same as first sighting made by only me around 2 weeks after first the last was made by myself and 3 other van owners and went on all night again only different from first sighting was craft in water working with 3 above seems as though ones above would do search pattern then join up with one under water craft the ones above would shine down white beam which would join red beam from craft under water then repeat process over n over all night i got opinion they were fishing or building something under water but amount of craft was over 100 again
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The Fake ‘Child Separation’ Issue Was an Engineered Distraction from the Biggest Scandal in U.S. Political History

22 hours 18 minutes ago
    The Fake ‘Child Separation’ Issue Was an Engineered Distraction From the Biggest Scandal in U.S. Political History SPYGATE GOES NUCLEAR State of the Nation Make no mistake about it, the utterly fake furor over “child separations” being systematically generated 24/7 by the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media is by purposeful design. SPYGATE is blowing up in […]
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