Clinton Body Count Just Went Higher!

4 hours 2 minutes ago
    Clinton Body Count Just Went Higher! Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy by Investigative Bureau True Pundit Investigative Journalist Jen Moore was found dead in a suburban Washington D.C. hotel room Monday, according to police and shocked and […]
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Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Barsoomian: The Whole Conspiracy Unravels

5 hours 7 minutes ago
    Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Barsoomian: The Whole Conspiracy Unravels Connecting some dots byu/lonestarbeliever I am passing this on from someone who’s connecting some dots with input from sources he cannot reveal. Here’s what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together It smells like conspiracy and treason. Everyone needs to read […]
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“In Your Face, Trump! Suck It!” – Comedian Opens MTV Video Music Awards with Vulgar and Racist Hit on Trump (VIDEO)

10 hours 6 minutes ago

( GP )The only “humor” the left finds amusing these days are attacks on Trump, his supporters or Middle America. It’s getting old folks. Kevin Hart opened the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday with a vulgar insult directed at President Trump. He started off by saying to the audience, “You guys are allowed to […]

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UFO Sighting in Bajo Boquete, on 2018-08-21 02:22:00 - Big, with circles around and inside like a sphere form that changed sizes and turn a strong light and then went off

11 hours 17 minutes ago
We live in a mountain area near a volcano in panama (central america)i went outside and my boyfriend was on his phone then i decided to go outside too and noticed the bright/huge light behind him (red and yellow color) with circles around/inside it, it was huge and slowly descended to the ground i thought it was the moon but it turned purple and moved to the left. i took out my camera and took some pictures and it reflected the light creating an aura around it. we lost sight of the object as it descended and the light slowly dimmed to nothing into the mountain. it looked like it was going into a hole in the mountain.
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Tesla Employee Turned Whistleblower Says Cartel Using US Factory to Traffic Drugs

12 hours 40 minutes ago

Tesla whistleblower says that the company is covering up for cartel traffickers and using their gigafactory in Nevada to do it.   ( TFTP ) Former Tesla employee Karl Hansen has gone public this week, with allegations that the company’s battery factory in Nevada has connections to Mexican drug cartels, and is being used as […]

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UFO Sighting in Agua Dulce, California on 2018-08-13 01:15:00 - 3 brighter than star-like orbs form triangular formation then leave in different directions then disappear

14 hours 56 minutes ago
late sunday night (august 12th, 2018) into early monday morning (august 13th, 2018), i set off to vasquez rocks, ca to photograph the peak of the perseid meteor shower. i've never actually captured a shooting star in a photo before so i was excited to pull this off for the first time. the rugged landscape of vasquez rocks would be the perfect backdrop for a great long exposure meteor shot to where you can also capture the milky way at the same time. i arrived at the location around 11pm, parked my truck on the side of the road, and made about a half to 3/4 mile hike into the park to a place i wanted to set up at with a great view of the rocks and the milky way. my equipment was pretty minimal; sling camera backpack, tripod, and a camping chair. after setting my all my camera equipment, i just sat back in my chair and snapped 30 second exposures at 1250iso on a wide-angle 8mm lens, one after another. at the peak of the shower after midnight, i'd say there were at least one meteor per minute. some of them were fast and dim, while others were slower and bright. i felt very blessed to have such active skies for my photo shoot. at approximately 1:15am, i observed 3 brighter-than-star orbs appear in the northern sky. they were absolutely in space (as far as i could tell) since there was no noise whatsoever. the white orbs literally looked like very bright stars (like, brighter than even jupiter or saturn appear). after only a few seconds from when they first appeared, the 3 orbs came together into a perfect triangular formation, which lasted not even 5 seconds total before they all came close together and stopped for a few more seconds at a closer distance to each other. next, one of the orbs take off in a northerly direction and seems to instantly disappear while the other 2 orbs head towards the south. this is when i started my camera to capture this event. in my photo, the remaining 2 orbs are traveling to the south, hence the light trails from a 30 second exposure. each orb travels exactly parallel to each other and at a close proximity (they could be a larger distance from each other; they're in space from what i could tell). the orb on the bottom disappears after only a few seconds of travel time while the orb on the top abruptly stops, changes direction by reversing about half-way back to where it originally started from, stops again, then gets much brighter before disappearing all together. to my eyes, the event was much larger than my photo reveals since my camera lens was so wide making everything appearing to be smaller it really is. this whole event really freaked me out! i felt the hair on my head and arms stand up as i knew what had just happened and i was basically overwhelmed with emotion. after reviewing my shot, i just couldn't stay there any longer so i packed up and left immediately. the drive back home to los angeles is still a blur. to be honest, i'm reluctant to share my ufo photo just yet. i would like seek advise on how to properly post or share a rare photo with the public, such as this. i feel like my photo is of some worth so if anyone has any experience with capturing a ufo in a photograph and allowing the media to share it, i would love to hear your insight on how to do this properly. in the meantime, here is a couple photos of shooting stars that i took right before all this took place. thanks for reading!
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UFO Sighting in Clearfield, Utah on 2018-08-20 10:04:00 - Looked up thought was plane got brighter, thought iss maybe, then changed direction and faded away.

15 hours 17 minutes ago
I went out to have a smoke, looked up as i usually do to see planes and shooting stars. saw a light and thought it was a plane. it got brighter (golden light to bright white) then thought iss or satellite reflecting the sun. the object then made what appeared to be a j turn and faded away. if there are star cams in the northern utah area please review. this was spotted facing east but looking almost straight up. the date is 8.20.2018. the time was about 10:05 p.M.Mountain. according to skymalp this was in the constellation or star of deneb.I honestly have no idea what i saw, but i have never seen anything change directions like this before.
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Ring of Fire Starts to Really Shake and Bake

17 hours 48 minutes ago
    Ring of Fire Starts to Really Shake and Bake Watch Out California! 53 Major Earthquakes (Including A Magnitude 8.2) Just Hit The Ring Of Fire In A 24 Hour Period Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Is something unusual starting to happen to the crust of our planet?  The USGS defines any earthquake of […]
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UFO Sighting in Richmond, Indiana on 1986-06-11 21:28:00 - Probably 3 football feilds in lenth and had these little light top to botom and possibly windows on the side like shipp window

19 hours 25 minutes ago
What happen was is we were flying to the indianpolis speed way and when we landed maybe be about 20 min down on the ground and then we saw this blimp like figure covered the whol;e runway not sure if we did get abducted but there was a time lapse and when we returned to the plane we landed at 930 and at 230 at nite there were 2 cabs waiting for us at the phone booth by the hanger but the phone was disconnected so were not sure if the alien called for cabs or not the phone was down in the cessna 402 too there were 11 of us another father and son on the trip too the race car driver and his daughter and another husband and wife figure too
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UFO Sighting in Fafe, Braga on 2018-08-20 00:00:00 - Group of up to 10 star-looking objects moving together while beaming between them

19 hours 51 minutes ago
Here's what just happened. i was in my house's balcony talking on the phone with a friend of mine, i usually go there at night, since i like to just relax in the dark listening to some music and look up at the sky. now, because i was on the phone, i wasn't paying too much attention to the sky and the few times i actually looked at it i couldn't see many stars due to the clarity of the moon this night. from where i was, i couldn't see the moon, my back was facing it plus, the roof of my house would cover it a bit, but still, the amount of light it reflected was enough to 'cover' some of the light of the starts in the sky. anyway, at one point of the conversation, i looked at the sky and just focused my attention on the most radiant thing in the area i was looking at. i usually do this to figure out what am i looking at, is it a plane? is it a satellite? is it just a star? at first it looked like a star, its color was like any other, except it was moving. since there were no lights blinking it couldn't be a plane so i thought i was just lucky to 'pick' a satellite in the '1st try'.So i just moved onto the next light. and it was moving aswell. when i realised it, the 'stars' that i thought were in the area were actually not stars but rather some circular objects and were all flying next to each other in small groups in the same direction in a rather slow pace. their flight path was a straight line and they would assume triangular formations between them and it looked like there were some kind of light beams connecting one to another. i was narrating everything as it was happening on the phone to my friend and i just couldn't believe what i was seeing. i look up at the sky so many times looking for something and there it was. something i couldn't explain. i just stood there watching for like 10 seconds. then i ran inside and called my sister to come and see but when she got there the lights were getting covered by the roof of our house and we lost sight of them. we went to the back of our house, but we didn't get to see them again. either they got away from there or, as i mentioned before, the amount of light reflected by the moon was intense enough to make these lights almost imperceptible.
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Alien Encounter in Trignac, Pays de la Loire on 2016-02-05 02:00:00 - Celã  c'est passer pendant que je dormais

20 hours 41 minutes ago
Je suis sur ã  80 pour cent que j'ai ã©tã© enlevã© par des extras-terrestres dans mon sommeil et ã  plusieurs reprises. quand je me suis aperã§ue de ce qu'il ce passais j'ais tout fais pour vouloir leurs ã©chappã©s et revenir chez moi cela ã  ã©tã© horrible. je pense qu'ils ont du me faire des prã©lã¨vement d'un peux de tout et je me souviens que certaines crã©atures qui souhaitais s'accoupler avec moi ou ce reproduire avec moi. depuis ces fais je suis tombã© en dã©pression grave car je n'arrive pas ã  comprendre pourquoi ces crã©atures ont fais cela. cordialement mr gã©rald guiberteau.
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UFO Sighting in Grand Junction, Colorado on 2016-06-18 02:30:00 - Ufo directly over, no noise, blue lights, strange noises (communication), an entity, footprints

21 hours 19 minutes ago
My gf and i were camping in the desert, it was getting kinda cold, so we got i the car to warm up. sitting there for a minute, she asked what some lights were behind us, they were cars driving on a road in the distance, we were both turned looking out the back window, then simultaneously both looked forward. as we turned our heads forward there was a bright blue flash right abive the car, a dark blue circle sureounded by a light blue ring around it, from a silent craft that was right over the car, it seemed to shoot up into space. after this happend we were both just trying to make sense of it, and she was scared. to try and ease her mind i got out of the car to look around. thats when i could here some like snap, crackle, pop, type noises. i thought it might be the wind rustling some bushes or somethng, but it was random noise, it sounded like intelligent communication. i started yelling a lil bit, sayin we just saw something out here, if there are people out here please make yourselves known. i walked out a bit further, then stopped to look between some small hills. i just stood there looking, not seeing anythng, but i guess it thot i saw it, cause it all of a sudden walked by between the two hills. it looked white, with like dreadlock tentacles or somethng strung over the face. it walked by and looked right at me. it was wearing an all white jump suit, and i specifically remember the blank, rectangular, raised, shiny silver name plate type deal on the chest. after the brief moment of watching it walk by, well, i got scared and ran back to the car. i looked back towards where the entity was and a huge section of the mountain range further back was illuminated in the same light blue light that had been right over my car. i think we managed to go to sleep, im not sure. the next thing i am sure of was checking the area the next morning. i didnt find much, except possible footprints that i took pictures and measurements of.
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