UFO Sighting in Plains, Montana on 2018-10-19 00:00:00 - House is 3 stories - daughter from alaska was on 2nd floor bedroom and the lights lit up bedroom she went to window and saw it in the yard. 1230 midnight.

15 hours 14 minutes ago
My daughter from alaska was in bedroom with lights off and tv on it was around 1230 midnight friday 10/19/18. two bright lights similar to head lights but about 4-5 times size of car headlights was lighting up the bedroom and she got up to look out window which is a large window. there was absolutely no sound. she was to shocked to call me as i have been ill and was in the upstairs bedroom. it was close to the house in the yard our place total 5 acres is completely fenced except for a small area by side of house a vehicle could drive into back yard but we would have heard the sound and my dogs go nuts and bark at the slightest sound at night and they never woke up it would have been difficult to have driven into back yard and turned a vehicle to face the house because there is an electric fence across the yard about 1/2 to a short block long from the house back to the electric fence so our neighbor can put his horses in our field behind our lawn in back yard. she watched out the window for probably 10 to 15 minutes and as the lights were pulsating it was gone. the lights were so bright she could not see shape of object except the bright lights and there was no sound at all when it left and the lights were too blinding to see any shape of it. this was so strange but cause years ago in the 70's s similar incident happened at my grandparents place late at night in cashmere washingto but we never reported it.
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UFO Sighting in Burbank, California on 2018-10-22 13:30:00 - Non bird or balloon, near burbank airport, 9 orbs in group, 1 hovering stationary... i have video.

15 hours 59 minutes ago
In burbank, ca. driving home for lunch break. i first noticed a group of reflections in the sky while i was heading north on buena vista ave. objects were in south of the verdugo mnts, within a few miles from me. i first thought it was a weird flock of seagulls, but they seemed more reflective. flying sporadicaly, non flapping, and faster than a bird. circling in a group, similar to what crows do, only in a very tight group. one hovered stationary above the rest while the group circled below the stationary one. ultimately traveling nw, they stopped and circled in an area, then disbursed. two flew directly south in formation. no noise, no flapping. felt odd, because of how the group of objects was moving, floating, only with propulsion... it was confusing - the only thing i could think of was a group of drones, or drone balloons. something that can definitely fly against or into the wind at a very consistent speed. i have a video on my phone, not the best, but they're visible in a group. in the end - they disbursed quickly. two flew off, straight south in formation. super weird.
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UFO Sighting in Blythe, California on 2018-10-20 08:40:00 - Looked like a missle, no sound, no markings, no wings or tail fins

16 hours 12 minutes ago
Driving from blythe ca to boulder city, nv. using hwy. 95 about 20 miles north of blythe. saw object as it passed over my vehicle, at about 2000 ft. above me. speed was over 400/500 mph object started dropping closer to ground as it moved away from me. then it backed to the north around a small mountain did not see any wings when it banked to the left. it then went behind the ridge and i never saw it again.
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UFO Sighting in Menifee, California on 2018-10-21 02:15:00 - Hovered brilliant light decreased moved slowly 3 or 4 lights across rectangle or boomerang shape steady low sound

18 hours 2 minutes ago
I was walking into the kitchen to get a glass of milk just after two in the morning while watching television in the living room. the kitchen was dark. i had the blinds open to the sliding glass door leading outside to the back yard. i saw a huge brilliant light in the sky hovering. i first thought it might be venus but as that is a morning and evening planet that was out,besides this was way to large. i reasoned helicopter or l plane but none were around. so i got the binoculars. the object was so bright i could not distinguish any shape just the it was large. i ran into the bedroom and woke my husband. while he was looking at it through the binoculars the brilliance died down and it moved slowly, i mean slowly to our left. there were three or four lights that looked like it ran across its body. white lights. no airplane lights. the object seemed to be rectangle or boomerang. hard to tell it was so dark. the object itself was really dark. i could almost distinguish black against the night sky. it had a low hum or rumble to it. steady. i was nervous and hoped to god someone else had seen it. i stayed up till 4:30 in the morning. the object went past our line of sight of the window and i was too scared to go outside and follow it. i did not want it to notice me.
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UFO Sighting in Spring Branch, Texas on 2018-10-13 20:30:00 - Two ufos coming from the west made abrupt change in direction

19 hours 14 minutes ago
On saturday, october 13, 2018, at around 8:30 to 8:45 in the evening, i was outside my home looking at the stars. the night had already settled in and the evening was dark and clear. i looked up in the sky toward the west. there, very high in the sky i saw two lights, one a little brighter and larger than the other. i believed that they were satellites. they were moving together and i thought that that was very unusual in itself as i've never seen the two satellites before in all my sky watching here in spring branch, texas. the lights were moving from the west to the east, however, the lights were also diverging. one had to observe closely to notice the diverging. i watched as they came closer and closer to being directly overhead. i took my eyes off of them for a moment, to see, with the aid of my flashlight, the origin of a sound i had heard nearby. when i looked at the lights again, they had completely changed directions. the larger brighter light was now going north and the smaller dimmer light was now going south, directly opposite of the brighter light. it caused a sense of unbalance, or visual dissonance, when i saw what the lights had done. there had been no indication that the two lights were about to make any kind of change in direction. to my knowledge, i had only looked away for a moment, not more than five to ten seconds. i continued to hear the strange noise, and i looked in the nearby trees with my flashlight for the origin of the sounds. the sounds continued, even when my wife opened the front door and called out by name. she also heard the sounds.
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UFO Sighting in Braintree, Massachusetts on 2018-10-22 20:40:00 - Shape of a vr headset, 2 big blue lights, grayish white aura, flashed as moving up. huge

19 hours 21 minutes ago
I was on highway 93 in braintree massachusetts, 8:40ish pm, going nw with my boyfriend driving and i look up at this brilliant glow straight out a mile or 2 and maybe as high as that. its a pretty densely populated area, urban, boston just a few miles north, plenty of planes. but this object was moving slowly and whisping just at the bottom of the cloud line, and i could see the glow and shape throw the clouds, but it would also completely disappear and come back like twice. it was the shape of a vr headset kinda, with two or three bright blue lights shining through the white glowy shape. it had to be really big to be the size it was at the distance i was viewing it. its wasn't a glow on the glass, it wasn't a plane, or helicopter or drone, i'm pretty analytical and it wasn't anything i could identify.
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The Earthquake in International Alliances

21 hours 15 minutes ago
    The Earthquake in International Alliances Eric Zuesse Strategic Culture Foundation America’s international alliances are transforming in fundamental ways. The likelihood of World War III is increasing, and has been increasing ever since 2012 when the US first slapped Russia with the Magnitsky Act sanctions. In fact, one matter driving these changing alliances now […]
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UFO Sighting in Leander, Texas on 2018-10-21 20:30:00 - Object near moon, not seen with naked eye, only on multiple (friends) phones from different parts in town, not seen with night vision

21 hours 16 minutes ago
1121 burgess drive my girlfriend and i were sitting outside on our driveway near a fire. i looked up in the sky to notice not only a bright moon, disgustedly i also saw chemtrails. i took my samsung 9 cellphone to take a picture of the chemtrails when i noticed a small bright light next to the moon. it moved with my phones movement, "didn't remain in the same spot on my phone". i put the phone down to view with the naked eye and could not see this object. i aimed my phone again and there was that bright light again. i moved the phone to view with my naked eye... again...Not there. now i am thinking that there was a spot on the lens of the phone. i cleaned the lens and aimed the phone again, and there was that same light. again, keep in mind i could not see this light with my naked eye. at that point my girlfriend exclaims that with her phone's camera, she sees that same light, but not with her eye. i then took a short burst with the movie function with my phone and that light moved erratically. my girlfriend gave me a night vision camera recently as a gift so i am not familiar with the functions it has other than the night vision setting. i could not detect this object with it. i also wanted to mention that at that point, color of the object was not brought up and that i am partially color blind. i then got the idea to call a friend (lets call him sean) who was up the road about a half mile. i explained what i witnessed and he too used his phone to snap 2 pictures of this light. he could not see this light with the naked eye. he texted those pics to me.. 10 minutes later, i called another friend (lets call him jeff) who lived roughly 2 miles away and he witnessed seeing that light as well, "only by use of his phones camera". he texted me his pic of the light. it was then that jeff mentioned that the light was blue. i then approached my girlfriend and asked her what color that light was and she concurred, blue. this light seemed quite distant and we then turned in for evening. elapsed time was approximately one hour, still in the sky when we went inside for the night. we did not feel that this sighting was a threat, just rather weird and unexplainable... why just on our cameras and by multiple people from various distances?
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Putin Announces New Hypersonic Weapon Will Be Deployed In “Months”

21 hours 30 minutes ago
    Putin Announces New Hypersonic Weapon Will Be Deployed In “Months” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Moscow would deploy new Avangard hypersonic glider warheads in the “coming months,” adding that Russia’s hypersonic program is the most advanced in the world, according to a new report from the Financial Times. “We are improving our attack […]
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UFO Sighting in Piqua, Ohio on 1968-07-15 00:00:00 - Just fallen angel celestial craft

21 hours 49 minutes ago
I wanted to let all mufon people know you have been chasing fallen angels on this earth. they are flying their celestial crafts all over this earth and appearing to scam humanity. a book out is called [god is a fact, all-powerful] it shows god is actually a very real fact and god comes alive in the book. if anyone at mufon would like to live forever, come back like a super hero, you may want to see how the fallen angels are scamming humanity. the one that the air force believes they have is just a little demon like nephilim, which satan uses. since there is a real,true factual god, the fallen angels are real too. you could also see all the tasks that god's angels perform on earth and in the heavens.God even has a much better type of celestial crafts, which took one that walked with god for 300 years all over the earth and in the heavens above. my wife and i have seen these fallen angel crafts in the sky years ago. we also know there is a very real factual god, which walked the earth and gives many eternal life. god bless you, book on kindle or amazon, type in: [god is a fact, all-powerful], author is [o my] it is a good read and can give many eternal life.
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Stop 5G on Earth and in Space before it’s too late!

22 hours 20 minutes ago
    Stop 5G on Earth and in Space before it’s too late! INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations We the undersigned scientists, doctors and environmental organizations from (__) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of […]
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Who is paying the illegal aliens to border crash the USA and unlawfully vote?

22 hours 40 minutes ago
    Who is paying the illegal aliens to border crash the USA and unlawfully vote? Donald Trump Suggests Someone Is Paying Migrants in Caravan President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that someone was paying migrants in the caravan traveling to the United States from Honduras. “We’re starting to find out, and I won’t say […]
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UFO Sighting in Stansted, England on 2018-10-21 05:40:00 - Ufo with bright green and red lights spotted hovering low, ascended into distance once we caught sight of it

1 day 2 hours ago
Myself and my husband and 3 children had spent the night at a small village called spellbrook as we was flying to cork early morning and wanted to be close to stansted airport. we left spellbrook at approximately 5.30am on october 21st 2018 and was driving along dark country roads, it was a very foggy morning so driving conditions were poor. i was the driver and about 10 minutes into our journey in a village called little hallingbury i noticed very bright green and red lights in the sky, they wasn’t moving so my first thoughts was it was some sort of traffic control but then i thought we are not that close to the airport, i looked again and then saw the object moving. i shouted ‘what the f*** is that, oh my god it’s a ufo’ i stopped the car immediately to take photos but it all happened so quickly i only managed to get photos of the object flying away, it seemed to change shape and the red and green lights disappeared, i wondered if i disrupted it.. i got back into the car and we was in shock, completely confused and overwhelmed by what we just saw. i cannot stop thinking about it and only wish i had managed to get a photo of the object hovering so clearly. i keep checking the news to see if others sighted it but can’t see anything. i have never believed in anything like this but actually i feel quite lucky to have witnessed anything like this. my photos were taking on my iphone so they have 3 second clips.. i would love an expert to look at these and confirm i have not gone completely mad. please note time spotted is uk gmt not africa but it did not give me this option
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UFO Sighting in Ellsworth, Wisconsin on 2018-06-30 00:00:00 - On my way to work as i thought was a plane it stopped right above me 3 lights then one very bright so i stopped looked and that's all i remember the rest of the day...

1 day 4 hours ago
I have no words but not sure what happened after the bright light beam at me then no memory of the rest of the day i need some better answers because after i started this illuminati interest i feel weird things have been happening to me.
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