Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal

45 minutes 31 seconds ago
    Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal On Tuesday an Israeli television channel aired leaked video footage it obtained exclusively showing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasting that he had personally convinced President Trump to abandon the Iran nuclear deal. The statements were made at a small dinner event where he addressed senior […]
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Alien Encounter in Limassol, Limassol on 2018-01-01 02:01:00 - Safe my life safe my life safe my life sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos safe my life

7 hours 32 minutes ago
Hello my name is eleonora antonieva nikolova iam from bulgaria and i live on island cyprus wich is next to greece. iam verry bad abused from aliens i think they are the grays they are saikopats and verry bad ! they are in human bodys wich they become demons! i hear them voises how they want to kill me and ctr..They speak greek and bulgarian ...Is start before 19 years iam abused all this time everyday my life is hell!!! they put me some things in my body where they control me from there so that means i have aliens in my body!!! is moving from inside i will tell u now everything it push me from inside and i have somthing in my head my neck and my stomah!! i diadan go to toiled 12 monts normal and they tauch my diafragma to dont breat is hell!! also they tuch my head so to feel dizy and my eyes turn up!!!! this is evrry day is hell for me! also they abuse me sexualy till i sleep i make many videos where u can listen what they do to me!!! and after they delite it from my brain so to dont remember! i nees irgent help and good docktors my life is in danger!!!! i need to put this things out of my body!! my famely dont believe me and send ne many times to hospitals mental hospitals witout any resons !!! so iam alone and i dont know who to contackt and who can help me but my life is in danger !!! pleas do help me somone must take me out of here! if u dont believe me just chek my body ! my body from inside is the proofe!!!!!
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UFO Sighting in Wilmore, Kentucky on 2018-07-18 13:15:00 - Bright glowing green object

7 hours 39 minutes ago
im in wilmore ky same as nicholasville ky..There have been these orbs flying by on clear night glowing green...I watched one with a telescope and followed it....It came back lower and glowing brighter green like it knew i was watching it,,,this was not of this world and i was really scared i had a rifle by my side the rest of the night...I feel the people may be in danger and someone needs to find out what these things are...The orb actually came to a stop also...And i also seen to other orbs and also really bright glowing amber object that was very strange looking at it with a telescope it just hovered all night and slowy floated by but was really high up it was so bright....My mother seen it also as i phoned her told her about it...This was no military aircraft or like nothing i have ever seen except for the some you tube videos of the similar object....Def something to be worried about
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UFO Sighting in Buckeye, Arizona on 2018-06-28 23:15:00 - Vertical donut/ringed light object w/ extreme velocity & low altitude & zero sound.

11 hours 29 minutes ago
My wife and i were setting up our telescope in the park on the night of the full moon (28jun2018) for moon-watching and stargazing/planet viewing purposes. before the telescope was fully set up a vertically aligned donut/ringed object with yellow-orange light/surface appeared below the moon traveling from se to nw at extremely high velocity and low altitude, roughly 500-1000ft agl. the object made absolutely no sound but at closest approach was within 1 mile of our vantage point/location. as a united states air force veteran and special operations intelligence analyst and previously holding a top-secret w/caveats clearance, i can say i witnessed a craft to which i have no explanation or knowledge of existing yet can't explain what my wife and i saw that night. it traveled approximately 50 miles across the sky at low altitude within 15 seconds and yet made no noise. i tried to capture the object on my phone that was in my pocket but was unable to do so in the 5 seconds it took me to grab my phone due to its extremely high velocity and short observation time.
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UFO Sighting in DuPont, Washington on 2018-07-18 22:51:00 - 2 white glowing orbs one larger than the other trailing . entering jblm from the south over i-5. zero running lights. not traveling more than 70mph.

11 hours 47 minutes ago
Driving south on i-5 65 mph. just past dupont exit. noted 2 light approaching from south. just above the moon. about 40 degrees above the horizon. lights were white in color. unfortunatly i am red green color defiecent, so i cant be sure. as they approached i noted they were two seperate orbs first larger by 2 than the trail orb. i would guess 500 ft up traveling 70 mph. hard to estimate size first one size of a tic tac but round, second one half that. they were heading over joint base lewis mcchord. lost sight of them as the passed me on the left.
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UFO Sighting in Hanford, California on 2018-07-18 20:55:00 - Second time seeing a sequence of red flashing lights. the appeared to be in a line or a semi circle. i saw them at the same time of day both times, this time my huband and daughter saw them as…

13 hours 58 minutes ago
I saw a faint red set of flashing lights in sky from my backyard about a week ago. i spotted them above the tree line but could not tell the distance. they moved in a consistent direction to the north at a consistent speed. my view was blocked by a tree pretty quickly after i saw them and i waited for them to move from behind the tree because i thought they were coming toward my direction but they never did. i walked to my fence line to see if i could still see them and i could not. a few airplanes flew past that area shortly after but they were not flying together. eventhough it was not what i am used to seeing, i chalked it up to being navy planes because hanford is near the navy base in lemoore. tonight, i was in the swimming pool with my daughter and i saw the same thing again in the exact same place in the sky. this time as it started to disappear behind the tree in the distance, i jumped out of the pool and ran over to the fence line and watched it disappear in the distance. my husband saw the end of the sighting this time with me. it was almost 9pm this time and probably a little bit less dark last time so perhaps 8:30 or so. i did not notice any sound or see any distinct shape of an object, just the lights. i cannot tell the size because i am not sure of the distance. the lights are very faint but i think the distance was not as far as it should be based on the faintness. it seems like i should have seen them come overhead while in the pool because me and my daughter had just been counting the few starsvthat were out. i think that is why i noticed them this time because i was looking around the sky. i am going to start looking at around 8:30 in the nights to come to see if it happens again and will bring my phone and camera. i saw a post from 2016 where someone reported a very similar thing in hanford, i wish i could talk to the person who reported that. i will update if i see anything further.
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UFO Sighting in Sapulpa, Oklahoma on 2018-07-18 00:00:00 - Me and my son was outside playing with a star finder app and seen a glowing orb in the sky that we thought was a star

14 hours 13 minutes ago
Me and my boy we outside playing with star finder app and we seen this big bright or look like a star until it started moving real slow hovering right above the trees probably about 300 feet above the treetops and then just disappeared never seen something like this scared my kid he to the point to think of an excuse to go inside
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UFO Sighting in Kansas on 2018-07-18 22:30:00 - Out of this world large bright blue light right hovered them took off down my road then hovered high

14 hours 16 minutes ago
Words can't even explain i was pulling my trailer home down a country road at around 10:30 give or take 5 min my wife yelled and said look above us i looked and a bright blue light started slow and then a dash of blue light it was only around 50ft above my truck there are no airports or bases within 70miles it went up the road and then went up and shook around then came down and hovers i chased it but i started getting close clearly wasn't from this world i have never experienced anything like this and i we t home and had the feeling as someone/something was watching me my hairs stood up all over my body i left and am not planning on finding out
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UFO Sighting in Leander, Texas on 2018-07-18 00:00:00 - Was observing the planet mars when i noticed a red object moving strangely.

14 hours 28 minutes ago
I was on the back patio at approximately 11:00 pm. i looked up and quickly noticed a planet (later found out it was mars). then i noticed a red light in the sky positioned about 10 o'clock from mars. i thought it was an airplane given the red light. the object appeared to be stationary, which i thought was odd, then moved slightly away from me in a straight line and with a deliberate and sudden motion, moving towards the east. then it was stationary again for about 10 seconds, then it slightly changed directions, slightly lower on the horizon but again moving towards the east. kind of like a zig-zag motion. then it appeared to hover again. all the while it appeared red in color. not really strobing or flashing, but mostly on then off briefly, then on again. kind of random. not like a strobing port/starboard light that you would see on an aircraft. it went behind my roof line so i went to the front yard to see if i could pick it up. again it was there, hovering, then it darted again towards the east. the movement was definitely not an aircraft. it moved quickly, deliberately and in straight-line fashion. after observing the object for about 2 minutes, it moved further towards the east and i lost sight of it.
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UFO Sighting in Sikeston, Missouri on 2018-07-18 22:24:00 - The orange rectangular object with solid orange lights moved from north to south

14 hours 34 minutes ago
As i was driving through town i noticed to the east a orange rectangular object that the light was split in the middle, so it was two orange non blinking lights that the lights were very close together so it just looked liked a dim spot in the middle. the lights were moving very slowly from north to south. i parked in the walmart parking lot where i continued to watch the lights until it was almost out of view, that's when i saw a plan flying from the west to the southeast.
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UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 2018-07-18 23:36:00 - Ufo flying. immediate change of directions

14 hours 45 minutes ago
Every time i take my dog out i always look up at the sky. when i first noticed the ufo i thought it was a satellite. i thought i noticed it move quickly so i stopped walking and stayed stationary. the ufo was moving in short bursts and very hard angles. it would also pickup speed quickly and then change directions on a dime. it would also change directions 180 degrees . as soon as i saw the ufo move around i took out my iphone 7s plus and started recording. my arms are stretched out towards the sky so i could hold the camera/phone as steady as possible (you can tell by my grunts lol). i never lost sight of the object. i was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and went back inside. pretty good video that shows whatever this was moving around.
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UFO Sighting in Niagara Falls, Ontario on 2018-07-15 20:06:00 - A very fast or bad ball of light halted-stopped-split into 2more balls i need a straight line

16 hours 52 minutes ago
Looking not far from the canadian side of the falls, i noticed a low flying ball of light orb shaped that was traveling very fast. under 500 feet on a clear night. the orb shaped ball of light was changing colours from red to orange. it abruptly stopped, and another orb shaped ball of light came from the orb that abruptly stopped and then another until there were three orbs of the same shape and size in a straight line. 1-2-3. the first orb that stoppped, suddenly moved to the front of the line, and the middle orb moved directly above the two other orbs, to form a triangle of three lights. the three orbs then moved in a sideways pattern (altogether in a triangle) slowed, stopped pulsated and then faster than any jet i've seen moved directly up and were gone. i'm not a fanatic but since seeing this have seen similar sights. if anything i'd still say i'm a skeptic but the night i saw this and the others after my blood runs cold. almost like you can feel electricity in the air. i wasn't the only one to see it or the lights after but i'm hoping there's an answer or truth to be found. maybe this helps that come to light. thanks
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UFO Sighting in Popayán, Cauca on 2018-06-28 20:00:00 - Dico de color plateado

18 hours 50 minutes ago
Popayan colombia junio 28 del 2018, 20:00 horas aproximadamente mi primo sale al patio de su casa ubicada en la vereda la viudad, cerca de un gran lago llamado el bolson,mi primo de 9 años de edad sale de su casa y se percata de que una luz que proviene del cielo lo esta alumbrando,y decisde gravar con su celular a su vez llama a su madre para que se percate del hecho, para la grabacion utiliza un celulara de baja resolucion, posterior mente la luz deja de alumbrarlo y cambia de direccion, a lo que procede a continiar con su gravacion dura aproximada mente unos 15 miutos,durante el tiempoque duro el avistamiento el objeto no producia ningun tipo de ruido, todo se encontraba en silencio,la madre asustad aentra a mi primo a su casa termina con la grabacion. posterior mente la madre envia el video a uno de sus hermanos y este le escrive mediante mensaje de testo que ese ruido tan rraro que hace esa luz y ella le dijo que cual ruido si mientras ella observaba la luz esta no emitia ningun tipo de ruido,en el video se escucha como un sumbio que cambia de tonalidad, a si mismo se observa una luz la cual posteriormente cambia de forma en un disco plateado se observa por unos minutos y vuelve nuevamente a ser una bola de luz ....Cerca del sector se encuntra el lago del bolson del cual se ha escuchado algunos avistamientos por parte de los habitantes del sector
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UFO Sighting in San Marcos, California on 2018-07-18 16:15:00 - Object moved like a plane then stopped mid air, looked like a star with slow reflections

19 hours 24 minutes ago
Around 415pm pst on july 18th, 2018 while driving, i noticed a bright star like object moving across the sky at a high altitude resembling a high flying plane flying eastward that could be reflecting the sunlight. once i parked my vehicle i looked back at the object and it had stopped in mid air. the object then slowly moved back westward for a short period, then dimmed out of my eyesight. i then began to walk to my home when the object appeared again, resembling a very bright star. it was stationary long enough for me to have my daughter (17 yrs of age) come out and observe with me. it was clearly above the thin layer of clouds that passed by. the clouds were heading in a north west direction and the object stayed in one place. it would slowly dim out of sight and then become extremely bright. the object then slowly dimmed out of sight shortly afterward again. we waited about 2-3 minutes and the object was visible in same location. my daughter pointed out airplanes flying below the object as well. soon after the object was not visible anymore.
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Key U.S. Internet Infrastructure Will Likely Be Underwater in 15 Years, Scientists Say

19 hours 47 minutes ago
    Key U.S. Internet Infrastructure Will Likely Be Underwater in 15 Years, Scientists Say The Weather Channel Some of the key internet infrastructure in the U.S. will likely be underwater in as little as 15 years because of rising seas, scientists say. The situation is particularly dire for internet infrastructure in New York City, Miami and Seattle, […]
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UFO Sighting in Westbrook, Maine on 2018-06-16 00:00:00 - Three reddish orange fire balls with orb moving slowly above tree line

19 hours 50 minutes ago
My family was driving down methodist road toward route 302. we just passed the powerlines and above the tree line crossing over methodist road in front of us, we witnessed three reddish orange glowing balls moving slowly at the same pace. it almost looked like the three fire balls made up a triangular formation and they were all moving at the same speed and direction. we pulled over quickly and turned the engine off to see if there was any engine noises coming from them and it was completely quiet. there was no noise emitted. they disappeared above the tree line so we drove down to route 302 and turned right heading toward portland in hopes of seeing them. we did see one by itself and it began to move quickly in an upward direction before disappearing. i took a couple of pictures of the one ascending and i also caught the formation on my phone's video camera.
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Journalist Kicked Out of Trump-Putin Presser Because of the Possibility of Raising Israel Nukes Issue

19 hours 51 minutes ago
    Journalist Kicked Out of Trump-Putin Presser Because of the Possibility of Raising Israel Nukes Issue Israel’s nukes, not Syria: Man kicked out from Trump-Putin summit says AP misquoted him Political activist and writer Sam Husseini, who was ousted from a joint media conference by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, accuses the media […]
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