Deep State Swamp Rat Rod Rosenstein Is Finally Trapped

6 hours 4 minutes ago
    Deep State Swamp Rat Rod Rosenstein Is Finally Trapped Donald Trump’s Rosenstein dilemma BY MARK PENN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR The Hill Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. That is the dilemma President Donald Trump faces as he decides whether to fire Rod Rosenstein following revelations that the deputy attorney general allegedly talked […]
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Bombshell Photo of Kavanaugh Accuser Says It All, Deep State’s Blaseygate Exposed as Seditious Black Op

8 hours 8 minutes ago
    Bombshell Photo of Kavanaugh Accuser Says It All, Deep State’s Blaseygate Exposed as Seditious Black Op “The Left has gone stark raving mad!” “Let’s look at the Kavanaugh accusation and take it at face value. A drunk 17-year-old boy improperly touches a 15-year-old girl at a party. The girl goes to a notorious […]
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UFO Sighting in Reese Creek Road, Oregon on 2018-09-13 00:00:00 - About 5 strobe flashes slowly moved across sky then a ship appeared in mist and disappeared

10 hours 25 minutes ago
I was on reese creek road. looking at the stars on a clear night. suddenly there was a flash of white light. a few seconds later there was another flash slightly to the west. this continued about 5 times. it seemed like the interval between flashes grew longer, but i am not sure. finally, instead of a flash, a ship appeared for a second and disappeared. it looked like an airliner with now wings or tail, and shrouded in mist. it had some spots on the side that might have been windows--like an airliner. i cannot be sure if it was cigar shaped or if i saw the edge of a disc. it was only there for a second. nothing ever appeared again. it was high. i can only guess the altitude--maybe 15,000' and the size--about 200'. i watched the sky for a few minutes more and no lights appeared anywhere, nor was there any sound.
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UFO Sighting in Melvin, Michigan on 2018-05-20 00:00:00 - Light seen repeatedly in south/southeast sky

11 hours 57 minutes ago
I moved in with my boyfriend and his parents in 2014. stargazing one night, i saw a triangle of glowing red-orange lights in the sky. when i brought it up, they replied it was "the lights". the us been there for years, moving location, appearing in different spots in the sky. in 2017, i received a telescope for christmas, and attempted to look at the lights through it. each time was the same: a flash, oscillating colors, then darkness within a matter of seconds.
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Trump Promises to Rid Justice Dept. of ‘Lingering Stench’

13 hours 8 minutes ago
    Trump Promises to Rid Justice Dept. of ‘Lingering Stench’ AP via NEWSMAX President Donald Trump has issued an ominous warning about the Justice Department and the FBI, promising further firings to get rid of a “lingering stench” following reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed secretly recording the president. Trump, speaking at […]
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Black Triangle Sighting in Brakpan, Gauteng on 1993-05-31 00:00:00 - Huge black triangle flew overhead

13 hours 38 minutes ago
I was a 11 year old child and my mother had asked me to feed the dogs in our back yard. after setting the bowls down i stood up facing north i caught movement in the sky.I instantly went numb and cold frozen in place absolutely confused to what i was seeing. the sky was clear of clouds, only stars. moving in a north to south direction something was moving in the sky from ahead of me all the way overhead and past over the house. i could not exactly see it but i knew it was there. flying over with absolutely no sound, no light, nothing to indicate there was something there pitch black, much darker than the night sky. except it was huge. possibly 1km wide or more. i guess it must have been maybe 50 stories above me, height of carleton centre johannesburg. as it flew it blocked off the light of the starts and total view of the night sky above me from my left to my right and total sky above from overhead. it seemed to fly impossibly slow taking almost 5minute to completely fly over me. much slower than a suburban driving car. if it were not for me looking up at that moment i would never have noticed it i think for only except the complete darkness against the night sky. i was transfixed. after it passed i ran inside in terror dragging my mother with me to the front south side of house to see. but by the time we got out front of house the object was gone. it had no lights at all that i noticed. no reflection from suburban lights.Pitch black.As it flew over though no sound i could somehow feel it's presence like a deep dull vibration inside of me. i believe it may be like some ultrasound. i have felt that presence ever since but have never seen a ufo again but since i suffer night terrors and sleep paralysis almost every night since until this day 23 september 2018, 25 years later.
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UFO Sighting in Entiat, Washington on 2018-09-22 18:28:00 - I pulled over to take some pictures of a beautifull rainbow i took a few pictures of this rain bow and i was looking up and i saw this little white thing below the clouds first was trying to…

20 hours 11 minutes ago
I was in entiat washington state i had just pulled over and took a few pictures of a rainbow.. after i took a few pictures of the rainnow i was looking up at it and i saw a small disk! it was white.. i was trying to figure out what it was! i know it wasn't a bird or an airplane! it was just gliding along.. so then i videoed it but i forgot to zoom in first.. so it is small. it was under the cloud cover and it was going straight. iv never seen anything like that ever!.. and pretty soon i couldn't see it anymore.. i was very disappointed that i dident zoom in before i started videoing it and also because it's only like 4 seconds long.. after this i couldn't take my eyes out of the sky!! i hope someday i will be able to see this again!
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UFO Sighting in Termoli, Molise on 2011-01-02 17:55:00 - Flight of unknown lights swarming toward a huge large object, oval, apparently stopping in the sky

20 hours 29 minutes ago
I decided to say, after some year, about this my experience and the my brief movie, shot for a few seconds, having not found and nor obtained any rational explanation. i was alone at home, just before 18:00 o’clock. i decided to remove most of the christmas decorations, to be free of this work in the coming days. the evening was quiet and cold, no wind, the clear sky, there was a lot of calm in my neighborhood. i went out onto the balcony. strangely, no noise. i stopped for a relax’s moment to look at the sky. i was trying to see the ursa major and the ursa minor. i always liked to observe their symmetry. they had to be in the sky above me just to my right, but i could not see them. i thought that when it would have been darker, i would have identified them. instead i saw a kind of solitary cloud high up in the sky on my right. it was a strange thing, it looked like a cloud, and it had a shape like a smooth rice’s long croquette. this cloud was strange, not because it was lonely in a completely clear sky, but it was strange because it seemed more solid than a normal cloud. but what was? i thought it was a cloud of industrial fumes. although we was in holiday season, nearby, there many industries, and sometimes the local press tells of emissions beyond the norm. i thought: "what the heck, even on holidays they stop ... they will make us all die". but i kept looking for the two ursa with my eyes. leaning out me of the balcony to look up over me, i saw an apparently stellar formation. it was very high up. it could be mistaken for the ursa minor, only that it had not his disposition: like a pentagon the tips of which was 5 pale yellow lights. i stared them and thought: never seen before. but after a few seconds as i watched them trying to figure out what it was, because it did not look like the ursa minor, i was surprised to see their sudden unexpected movements. the lights moved and then returned to their place. more times. the movement was very rapid, and could be compared to microorganism's movement in the microscope slides. despite the surprise, i tried to look better, but they really moved, no doubt. and the big surprise was yet to come. i remained watching what was happening, what they were, to understand better. these fixed lights suddenly move from their place, running just for a stretch, both the directions, right and left, and then to return to their place. both individually, one after the other, casually, and then all together. this fact lasted a few seconds. i could not believe what i saw. they were high up, at the height to which the airliners travel. but they were not planes. i recognize them even at night. and there was no noise. this their movement was not that of planes. observed with the naked eye, the pentagon’s size seemed to me like that of the ursa minor, roughly. considering the height at which they seemed to stay, i thought that the speed was no of planes. because even when the airliners pass i see them, i can follow the path with my eyes, without effort. instead the movement of these lights was so fast, that i struggled to catch it with my eyes. initially i thought i was seeing bad. instead they really moved. the planes advancing and not darting, or standing still in the sky, without falling. and then that sort of “dance" they did, what did it mean? what were they? who were they? i, though intrigued, but perplexed, was about to return into the apartment when the situation became more complex. and then, i see, coming from the west, other “objects“, luminous too and much faster. crazy. they arrived at two and three at a time, and after the first small groups, the lights that formed the "pentagon" were launched and all went towards the east. towards the sea. and i don't saw them anymore. i realized it was a strange event and i ran back to get my camera fujifilm mv-1. i ran about 7 meters. as i ran back to the balcony, i removed the camera from the scabbard. but the camera did not on. i pressed and again pressed the power button, more times, but the green led did not shine. meanwhile, the lights in the sky sped fast. the most impressive thing is that these last luminous objects flied at a lower altitude than those that had gone before. i was desperate. i went back into the cooking, i turned on the light in the room, then i removed the camera's lid and saw that the batteries were rightly positioned. what was the problem..? back out onto balcony, i tried to turn the camera again on and after a few times i finally saw the green led shine. during this juncture, i do not know how many lights flied above me, in the sky. but it seemed to me that they were flying lower. however, i only saw lights darting in the sky. i filmed, but because after a few seconds i did not see other lights, i stopped. and something else happened: while the first groups of luminous objects had headed east, towards the sea, these others, which were coming in droves, some continued to the east, while some turned to the my right that is south and began swarming around to the cloud. they were so many and so fast, that i was equally desperate: even though the camera was finally turned on i could not get them back and follow the their path. they were numerous. but never give up! i did not know how to place the camera, i did not know what to shoot firstly, i could not see anything in the small display, the light in the kitchen bothered me, then i pointed the camera at random, hoping for luck. i went back in the cooking to see on the display if i filmed something of event. and because the luminous objects was so little, i don't saw it on the display. again i was back on the balcony. in the first very brief movie i don't filmed anything. i could not frame them, they were too fast. by trying to see as much as possible and memorize and film, i realized that they were not airplanes. they could not be probe balloons. it could not be any aircraft that i knew, because apart from the impressive speed, these luminous objects made acrobatics in the air that, i think, are impossible for anyone. so i thought i would do just one thing. to keep the camera still, pointing at the cloud having the hope that some of these objects would pass into camera field of view. this second brief movie lasts 24 seconds. in this second brief movie the main "starring" is the cloud. i filmed the flight of objects, and at the edge of the some frame also the speed of some object swarming around the cloud. it is on the edge of the frame but you can see it, and you can also see another object, off, that after passing the cloud, came back. even if, in those excited moments, i saw both the objects and the cloud, the eye of the camera, took up something else. as i said before, the camera has taken a "thing" that seems to have a solid structure, with a light on the top and then a larger and visible light on the bottom. i saw only the lower light well. also this strange thing, which i call solid "cloud", like a long croquette in the shape, in the movie seems to fly slowly. as gliding. and no noise. the luminous objects turned on and off, giving the impression that they vanished, but, instead, they was hidden by sky's darkness, flying to crazy speed. the flight was a broken line. they flew very fast, and i filmed them because, having see that before going to the east, this swarm headed toward the "cloud", i held the camera steady, pointing it at the what seemed to me a solid "cloud". and i filmed what was going in front on the lens. so, what we see on the frame it's not all the event, but it's what happened in front the camera. all bright objects exceeded to surpass the solid "cloud", at crazy speed, and then they came back, turned them over, and then they headed east, turning on and off, and reigniting, and descending vertically of altitude, then they went up again vertically and proceeded towards the sea, until i don't saw them more. i can not say anything else. initially i thought about all the possible hypotheses: flying lanterns, probe balls ... even rockets, but i really do not know. you can see by some frame enlargements that they have a structure, not even simple, they look like grafted and interlocked pieces, on a circular base, and the front part is rounded. i send to you just the main important digital video, and some my drawning scene, and some frame of the digital video.... where is possible to see. the quality is no excellent, but i am a simple housewife no able with that. after 1 year, so on 2012, don't found any explanation abt that, i downloaded finally on my pc the digital video, and i no thinked abt that anymore .. but from some year ago, i wish a explanation. i contacted many persons, but no one give me a right explanation. someone no replied, someone said interesting and wanted the video, someone said that no high quality, also the skeptics towards the ufo phenomena, italian cicap, given a stupid explanation: the ufo don't exist.. the only person, who i asked help, and that given me a sincere reply, also if no explanation, it was nick pope. he is a true gentleman.
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The Most Important [MIDTERM] Election in 222 Years

22 hours 17 minutes ago
    The Most Important [MIDTERM] Election in 222 Years By Gregory Buls American Thinker In 1796, America under George Washington enjoyed peace and prosperity unforeseen by even the most optimistic Founders.  The election of 1796 was arguably the most important in the nation’s history because it represented our first true transfer of power.  Many had urged […]
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UFO Sighting in Yakima, Washington on 2018-09-10 06:00:00 - First it was just violet purple orb looked to be coming out of sun then i noticed t h e ufo

22 hours 24 minutes ago
Morning sunrise i usally am always looking for stuff isn't first time seeing this kinda stuff.This paticular morning i noticed right when i opened door it was literally purple outside so i lo o ked up and already had phone camera ready as always except my video camera wouldn't work weird so i took i had to take photos *the picture with circle cloud zoom in to picure where 10 o'clock would be you'll see its some kinda of what looks li n e a door
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UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on 2018-09-22 20:38:00 - Bright (planet sized) light travelled across night sky, no noise

22 hours 51 minutes ago
Grilling out at my friend's house this evening after dark (mostly cloudy but still clear), when i looked up and saw what i thought was an airplane traversing west to east in the south sky. it seemed strange to me that the object or craft only emitted one solid light and no sound at all was to be heard. i pointed this out to my friend, who at first also thought it was a plane, but also noticed the fact that only one solid light was seen. we watched the object go from high in south sky towards the north east where it finally fell out of our view behind a cloud. the entire process probably took about a minute so i estimate that it was going at least 500 mph, maybe more, depending on how high the object was in the sky. this all happened at approximately 8:40 pm. i kept looking up the entire time while my friend was grilling some spectacular steaks, and 10 minutes later, i saw a second solid light in the south sky that appeared to be either descending, or traveling away from us dead south. this object also made no noise and fell out of sight behind a large cloud. between the two sightings, a jet airplane went overhead (as they often do in urban indianapolis) it made the typical jet noises, and had bright pulsating lights which beared no resemblance to the other lights i saw. i would like to also point out that my vision is near immaculate, and i stared down that first object really trying to find a flashing light but saw none. all it appeared to be was one solid light as part of some sort of craft. it also appeared to bank slightly sideways about midway through it's course because the light appeared to bend from a full circle to an oval for about 2-3 seconds, my grillmaster friend also noted that. he also took out his phone to record it after he also felt it was not a plane. i'm not sure if he got any video evidence, or how well his phone does with nighttime shots, i'll ask him tomorrow. if so, i'll add it to this report later if it's worth viewing. thanks for your time! ps: after we saw the this object, my friend told me of a strange orb-like, reflective, metallic looking object he saw in the sky while driving westbound on e 38th st in indianapolis about 5 years ago. he said it danced around almost like it was transporting from point to point far out in front of his vehicle. finally, he said it took off with incredible speed! i'll try to convince him to file a report although i'm pretty sure he did not know the exact date or time.
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UFO Sighting in Roswell, Georgia on 2018-09-22 23:15:00 - My sister and i were walking through the city of roswell talking about conspiracies when i noticed a green fireball with a red dot. considering our circumstances, this was pretty ironic, so i…

23 hours ago
It has been a long held tradition for my family to walk down the city of roswell as a way to bond and relax. for the most part, this time wasn’t different. although, there were some odd moments when street lights would flicker on and off. my sister and i were conversing while walking ahead of our parents. i was talking about being in my school’s conspiracy theory club when, as if by cue, i noticed a large circle in the sky, sorta like a fireball. it was green with a small red dot, and i thought that it was part of a firework, but there was no sound, and it was gradually hovering down in the neighborhood behind where we were walking. i quickly tugged on my sister’s shirt and pointed at the sky, my mouth gaping with speechlessness. she had a similar reaction, considering how ironic it was that we were talking about aliens and the illuminati while experiencing her first ufo encounter. the fireball moved in a downwards diagonal direction and got lost in the trees and houses. the both of us returned to our parents who were not aware of what happened. i thought for some strange reason that everyone in the area must have seen it since it was so bright, but we were the only two. i wish that i could have taken a picture of it, but my phone was in the car, and i probably only saw the light for less than a minute. i assumed that it must have been a drone, but comparing it to pictures of drones i found online, there wasn’t a resemblance. my sister said that she was positive that there was no way it could have been a drone. she didn’t seem to want to talk too much about it, and she looked pretty shaken up. i have always enjoyed hearing about and, admittedly, making fun of conspiracies, particularly ones related to more intelligent beings. however, this experience has made me revaluate whether there is truth to it after all.
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UFO Sighting in Elmendorf, Texas on 2018-09-17 21:00:00 - 3 moving glowing light observation

23 hours 38 minutes ago
At approximately 9pm on september 17th 2018 while looking due east, there was a floating, pulsating teardrop shaped light in the sky above calaveras cps power plant. originally believed to be a helicopter or star, the light slowly moved in a fairly straight line towards true north, or ne. while i ran inside to grab my glasses and phone, as i went back outside, the first orb made its way further north. as another light appeared in the dark sky. as i began to film, the first light faded into darkness as the second light began to move across the sky. once the second light began moving slowly in the same path as the first, then appeared the 3rd light. as i stood listening for any sound and closely observing how the lights illuminated the clouds around them, the 3rd light continued onto the same path and faded in the same area as the first two. considering that most aircraft in the area either have (1)flashing lights, (2) stay at cruising altitude, (3) don't fly above the massive amount of electricity towers and power plants in the area, i concluded that these objects were either government or extraterrestrial. after considering the time of day, the proximity to the downtown san antonio, and the use of airspace above government utilities, i began leaning more towards extraterrestrial, considering the governments proclivity for discretion. this was my first vivid experience with the unexplained. it left me shook and feeling as though the experience only occurred in my mind. i don't sleep well since. recently saw a couple videos in tomball tx that are extremely identical to the lights i saw. different formation, but still 3 teardrop shaped lights that faded off and on and illuminated/left tracers.
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UFO Sighting in Defiance, Ohio on 2018-09-22 20:30:00 - It was like the object was trying to get our attention.

1 day 1 hour ago
Started hearing booming noises outside that i ignored and disregarded as fireworks. the noises grew louder and more intense one or two loud booms at a time. my wife became curious and looked out the window. she said, "i think this is a ufo in the sky!" i went to the window and looked at the craft that was stationary at the time. it certainly didn't fit the description of anything that would normally be in the sky in nw ohio. it looked similar to a gold star but much too large. it was flickering similar to a star. i got out my high powered leupold binoculars to view the object. i then noticed that it was definitely a silvery disc emitting this light. i told my wife, "i feel like it's looking back at us." it started to descend moving north at varying speeds and in varying directions. it was close and low enough to get a clear picture. i told my wife, "get your phone." instantly when i said that, the light went out and the craft moved away north at a high rate of speed. craft reappeared much higher and much further away and slowly traveled east until it was out of view. right after the sighting, a headache began and built into a full migraine and has decreased in intensity over the last hour.
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UFO Sighting in Portland, Virginia on 2018-09-22 19:15:00 - Driving south on rt. 1, on 9/22/2018, i saw a series of 10-15 colored lights in the sky at about 35 degrees off the horizon slightly to the east. the lights continued eastward and disappeared…

1 day 2 hours ago
I was driving south on rt 1. i saw colored lights hovering and slowly moving eastward near the interstate 295 interchange on route 1. the lights numbered 10-15 and were various primaries and secondaries. the series of lights continued to float eastward and disappeared behind trees in a wooded subdivision. i turned left down a side street to try to follow, but no longer saw them. i turned around and headed back to route 1 and saw perhaps 15-20 navy jets flying in groups of twos and threes. my thoughts were that they were trying to scramble the lights. i drove back north on route 1 and turned by the walgreen's on route 1. i went down the road a short distance and briefly saw the lights again. they again dissappeared behind vegetation. i did not see them again.
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UFO Sighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on 2018-09-22 20:41:00 - Bright white light made several quick maneuvers then saw two lights one disapeared travel faster then a comercial jet

1 day 2 hours ago
I was outside with my son.. we saw a very bright light traveling faster then a jet with no external blinking lights. it traveled out of sight in 90 to 100 seconds. it made several swerves and it broke into two lights and one disappeared the other dimmed and disapeared as if it was out of range really fast. my son had his phone but by the time he was convinced it was not a jet he missed his chance to get a shot.
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