Most all life on Earth is extinguished ever 27-million years and there are many minor extinctions in between. There is no way evolution can account for the many life forms on Earth. It has been re-seeded many times in the past for different reasons. Some of them were not benevolent reasons. We have lost 98% of the atmosphere on this planet... Ours is the last chance for any kind of intelligence to evolve.


After our Sun’s capture by the Sirius system about 700-million years ago the additional light and heat from these giant stars melted the mile-deep ice covering the oceans ending the Huronian Glaciation so that life could begin. If there were any inhabited planets within the Sirius system they would have had 350-million year window of opportunity to observe the beginnings of life on Mars and Earth. Who is to say they didn’t plant some of it?

According to ancient Indian Vedic dating methods the SATYUGI VIMAN was a time period between 3,456,000 BC to 1,728,000 BC when Maharshi Bharadway brought AYURVED from Indralok, one of several planets in the Sirius system. They used such aircraft the Brahma referred to as, PADM – VIMAN (flying cities). Obviously they had mastered the ability to counter gravity with m-state by charging paired electron orbits to repel gravity. 

Vishnu’s aircraft that came from a different planet and were referred to as: GURUD VIMAN. (Indonesian Airlines is still called “AIR AGARUDA” today.) These spaceships were square and were two to three miles across. They contained various pressurized buildings interconnected with glass tunnels and looked like cities floating in the sky.

The floating cities still exist today as evidences by NASA video tapes taken from the Columbia during STS 48 tether experiment satellite mission.

I tape recorded an interview several years ago with a person that actually saw one of these floating cities twenty feet above his head. I put the interview in my book, Home of the Angels. Kevin was hunting deer in the woods northwest of Arta Florida when a huge spaceship one mile across floated twenty feet over his head snapping off the tops of the live oak trees cutting a long swath through the woods. It didn’t make any noise except for the sound of branches and trees being crushed. As Kevin looked up the side of the craft he could see that it was at least six stories high with large rectangular windows much like a cruse ship. He took a shot at it with his hunting rifle to see if he could knock a piece off to keep for evidence but nothing happened. The damage done to the trees can still be seen today.


Again in 1996 Chile's largest daily La Tercera revealed a tiny secret: the commission was created on the initiative of the ex-commander of the Chilean Air Force, Ramon Vega, who is currently a senator. The senator himself saw UFOs twice and believes that UFOs actually exist, which is why he isn't going to waste time proving their existence. 

In 1988, the crew of a spy plane saw "the lights of a city," and they thought that it was the city of Antofagasta, the largest city in the north of Chile. However, suddenly the "city" took off and flew! The plane's crew was scared to death and immediately made their way back to their base.
Below is the inside of a flying saucer--possibly German made....


Obviously modern humans didn’t come from this planet. Evolution is real but it takes too long. Life is usually extinguished on planets before advanced thinking life forms can evolve. That is why it is necessary for present day humans to get their act together and fulfill the prime directive of getting off their planet to assist life forms to evolve in other biospheres. 

To make a hand for example, with an opposed thumbs, takes hundreds of millions of years. First trees would have to evolve and grow fruit. Then primates have to evolve to eat those fruits. When the fruits became scarce and hard to reach their necks had to grow longer in order to reach the fruit. The other alternative was their arms developed to climb the trees. The ones with shorter thumbs fell out of the tree more often and died while the long thumb primates survived. After millions of years the long thumb primates discovered that they could use tools and their brains developed self awareness and could think into the future. Precognition of future events allowed them to survive cataclysmic floods and in coming meteors while all others died out. Eventually they noticed other developing planets around nearby star systems. The rest is history. 

The ancient floating cities left their home planet and accelerated toward the Solar system at one standard-gravity. The inhabitants never experienced weightlessness. Upon reaching the midway point they turned in a circle maintaining some gravity and then decelerated at one standard-gravity for the remainder of the trip.

Below is a 1950 conception of a DIVYA-ASTRA.


The idea was to colonize and claim new planets. When they arriving at their destination they gently touched down at strategic locations near streams, lakes and sheltered sea ports around the world. Within a few years roads were built between cities and the ships themselves would meld into the planet to be covered over with dust. Space invaders arriving a few thousand years later would think that Earth’s inhabitants were its original inhabitants and no one would be the wiser.

Underground cities and tunnels were built to safeguard their technology to defend Earth from future conflicts. In recent times People have seen flying saucers come out of these tunnels and shoot laser beams and other weapons at other flying ships approaching Earth. They seldom shoot each other down. It is much like a cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. They frequently embark on recognizance missions testing to see if the other still has the technology to defend themselves.


It was one of these ancient missile silos that opened up and shot down a huge invading ship over Tunguska in 1908. Witnesses saw something leaving the Earth shooting upwards in the sky.

A ship of about 220 million pounds entered Earth's atmosphere above Siberia at a speed of about 33,500 miles per hour. It never hit the ground. The energy produced was nearly 200 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. The blast flattened the forests for a radius of thirty miles.

“At around 7:17 on the morning of June 30, 1908, a man based at the trading post at Vanavara in Siberia is sitting on his front porch. In a moment, 40 miles from the center of an immense blast of unknown origin, he will was hurled from his chair and the heat was be so intense that he will felt as though his shirt was on fire. The man at the trading post, and others in a largely uninhabited region of Siberia, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, were accidental eyewitnesses to cosmological history.”

At one time the entire Earth was mapped, claimed and surveyed with what people call lay lines. These lay lines of giant stone monuments stretching hundreds—even thousands of miles in absolutely strait lines are still visible today in England and Central America and at various other places around the world. 

For some unknown reason ancient Indians never allowed the DIVYA – ASTRA to collide with each other during time of war. They had more respect for human life than we do today. (The word ASTRA is the root word of astral pertaining to or consisting of stars. We’re talking about starships here.)

Eventually the vanity of Brahma and Vishnu reached a point where they fire “Brama – astra” and “Sudarshan Chakra” on each other…There was widespread destruction but the collision of these weapons are stopped by Shiva (in the form of Linga – slambha)…

Before the war, Vishnu greeted Brahma by writing “Brahmane Namah,” a white Biahma greets back with “Vishnuve Namah”…a formal declaration of War. 

*Note they didn’t shoot each other down in ancient times. Even the wars were highly principled… We can indeed learn a lot from them…

In TREATA – YUGA (1,728,000 BC to 846,000 BC), the aircraft developed to the large TRIANGLE SHAPE. At that time the atmospheric pressure on Earth was twice what it is today so that airships filled with helium could lift twice as much as they do today. India has the largest supply of helium in the world. 

(Helium leaks out of the ground in India and it could be a source of future energy when used in helium-3 reactors. This would make India the greatest leader of the world once again.)

The RUKMA VIMAN were powered by mercury. The drawings and test in the book, Vimanika Shastra published in 1923 by the Sanskrit Institute located at Mysori, India describe spiral iron pipes containing mercury. The sound they make when activated is described as “roaring like a lion.”

Spiral iron pipes were used to power Hermes ship as he traveled around Ancient Greece healing the sick. There is a model of such a device hanging on the wall in practically every doctor’s office in the nation.

By thinking about this ancient object I reasoned that centrifugal force would push the liquid metal mercury up the spiral pipes when the object is rotated. The spiral is tapered outwards making the engine more efficient. When the liquid metal reaches the top and forced in toward the central column centripetal force makes it spin faster. The 180-degree bend alters the direction of the heavy metal exerting an upward force.

Break the wings off and throw them away. They just mean that the guts of a flying saucer makes it fly. Fill the iron pipes with mercy and rotate it, it will climb up the top and be forced down again through the central column. 


Indian “mythology” has a long list of extraterrestrial contacts…

About 1.7 million years ago Indra (ruler of an ET (ARYAN LIKE) civilization requests RISHI VAICARYA to come to INDRALOK… (His planet??) This is a unique honor to the accomplished sage…however he refuses to go…as Ram was about to be ‘his’ guest.

The first record of the misuse of technology occurs as Ravan uses “Pushpak” aircraft to abduct SITA, the Aryan Princess. SITA was the chief cause of the RAMAYAN WAR…

Now comes DWAPAR YUGA (864,000 BC to 18 February 3102 BC).

Aircraft are developed further as the designs change into a tubular or circular shape. In this era aircraft were used in the war between the Kashi and Utkal, the war between the Krishna’s republic and the Shalva and finally the Mahabharat War....

The Mahabharat War (3102 BC) was in a real sense the first World War because 5.5 million soldiers expired in just 18 days. The casualties are:
(a) 393,660 elephants
(b) 1,181,880 horses
(c) 393,660 Rath (calvalry)
(d) 1,968,300 soldiers

Around 80 kingdoms fought the war… Besides Indo-Aryan Dynasties,
Dravidians, Scythians (Shaka), Yavans (Greeks), Chin (Chinese), Huns, Persians (Phalavs), and Parthians.

In one way or another, the whole world was there hence it was the first World War. The Indus Valley is filled with ruins and them most radioactive skeletons in the world.

If one were to take the Mahabharata at face value as an actual historical document then you have to conclude that the Nagas got involved in a high tech war with the Atlanteans. Both civilizations were destroyed. Nobody won the war because atomic weapons were used. 

This is evidenced by the many areas of atomic green glass and vitrified stone structures found all over the world from Greece to Scotland. There are ancient ruins containing areas of green glass even in the middle of the Sahara Desert. 

Modern scientists tried to duplicate the vitrification process by building huge bonfires against stone walls in Scotland. There was no way the wood fires could achieve temperatures high enough to melt stone into glass.

The highly developed advanced stone cities with running water and sewer systems at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro (mound of the dead) were completely destroyed in an instant and melted into the green glass. Many skeletons were found laying in the street holding hands and their bones were more radioactive than any on Earth. One can only conclude that an atomic explosion had wiped them out.

Why would extraterrestrials give high technology to humans and then sit back to watch the carnage? It wasn’t extraterrestrials that gave us high technology. We took it with us when we lift our home planets in other star systems and the technology has been buried and hid form us ever since for obvious reasons. It war itself like our modern football games only on a global scale. 

The few survivors of this horrible war were animal herders living in a fertile, grassland in central Asia that is now known as the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts. DNA tests on the hundreds of mummies buried there confirm that they were Caucasians. This classical picture of ancient China will have to be modified after the recent unearthing of mummified Caucasians up to 4,000 years old in China's northwestern province of Xinjiang.


These dried corpses have the long noses, deep-set eyes, and long skulls typical of Caucasians. Some even have blonde hair! Some 113 such corpses have already been excavated at Qizilchoqa, one of four sites discovered so far. It is clear that we are dealing with permanent settlements and not merely a few lost Europeans. 
"Besides the riddle of their identity, there is also the question of what these fair-haired people were doing in a remote desert oasis. Probably never wealthy enough to own chariots, they nevertheless had wagons and well-tailored clothes. 
Were they mere goat and sheep farmers? Or did they profit from or even control prehistoric trade along the route that later became the Silk Road? If so, they probably helped spread the first wheels and certain metal-working skills into China."
V. Mair, a professor of Chinese at the University of Pennsylvania, has been spearheading the research on these mummies for the U.S. He asserts that, contrary to the general belief, there was a substantial two-way, east-west flow of ideas and inventions beginning at least 3,000-4,000 years ago. The Caucasians didn’t appear in central Asia again until Europe came out of the last Ice Age.
Below is a relief in the Temple of Abados Dendra Egypt. Is it a space ships, helicopter and land speeder? You decide...


India retained more than 1/3 the GDP of the world till 1500 AD. India was known as ARYAVART – abode of Aryans. India and China were the richest countries in the world followed by Persia. 
A few years ago the Chinese discovered Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigark to be translated. Dr. Reyna of the University said that the documents contain directions for building a spaceship!!!
The word, ‘SAUBIKA’ ‘means one who flies’ or ‘one who knows the art of flying and aerial city!!! Kautilya uses another significant word, ‘AKASA YODHINAH’ which means ‘people who are trained to fight from the sky.’

Earth extinctions and wars killed off most of Earth inhabitants. The advanced technology was buried and kept from mankind for thousands of years because they weren’t ready. We are now just reaching this state again where we have the ability to wipe out Earth’s populations in a few hours. 

The Anunnaki arrived on Earth from Mars about 300,000 year ago. At that time Mars was loosing its atmosphere. They needed gold to burn into the white powder which they ate to extend their lives thousands of years and increase their mental abilities.

The Anunnaki are frequently pictured as large angelic beings with wings and a bird like beak. After trying to use the local tribes of Neanderthals which were to strong and dangerous they decided to create a weaker race of slave humans that would worship them. So the Anunnaki God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let “them” have dominion over the fowl in the air, and over the cattle, and over all the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.” 

The Anunnaki created ADAM in a clay pot one of their laboratories. This may be where the idea came from that God made man out of the dust of the Earth. Then they created humans in different forms and placed them around the globe to form the different races you see today.

The aquatic Oonaes most likely came here from a water planet in the Sirius system when our Sun came close to their planet that was orbiting around Sirius. They walked up out of the sea contributed much scientific knowledge to the ancient Greeks. They are pictures on ancient cylinder seals as fish like or wearing a fish suit with scales.


Do to an encounter with comets that destroyed most of the Mars atmosphere the Anunnaki were forced to leave Mars and came to Earth. They could fly about in ships and other craft based upon the white stone antigravity powder set in gimbals. It was controlled by the initiates or priest pilots.

The NAGAS who landed in India preferred kick back and live the life of luxury on Earth. They leaked some of their technology to spiritual humans of the ancient Indian Rama Empire. The humans preferred to recapture their ancient heritage by and going out into space—even colonizing Mars once again in fleets of flying Vimanas.


Let’s try using basic logic:

In my book Cosmological Ice Ages I proved that our sun was captured by and is still in a highly elliptical 105,000 year orbit around the Sirius system. The Ice Ages began 2.7-million years ago. For the first time in 700-million years the Earth had ice caps. The first Ice Ages only lasted 5 to 10 thousand years but as our elliptical orbit steadily increased we went out further and further away from Sirius and Earth froze up. The ice caps grew ever larger and the last Ice Ages eventually growing to cover most of the planet every 105,000 years.


Zacheria Sitchins translations of ancient Sumerian scrolls talk about the Anunnaki coming to Earth in a journey lasting eight years in spaceships filled with water. This may have some validity as spaceships filled with water would be about the only way a living creature could survive the deadly space radiation. Biological organisms can only endure so much radiation until their immune systems and cell reproduction rates can’t keep up with cell damage. Water being a good, non-compressable radiation shield plus a basic necessity for life would protect the inhabitants in a small spaceship.

This story is logically acceptable but traveling in small cramped quarters for eight years would put them in a bad mental state. Enduring such torture for such a long period of time would tend to make them show little compassion for others—especially the indigenous populations. Maybe this is the reason the Old Testament God wiped out whole cities when their inhabitants displeased him. 

According to Plato who lived 350 BC wrote two books on Atlantis 

Poseidon came to earth in a gigantic bronze flying shield. This was 10,000 years before Plato lived which would have been close to 12,500 years ago. Poseidon took a most beautiful woman for his bride. Many of his children  populated Atlantis. Atlantis was designed as a giant boat harbor for trading. Atlantis had thousands of ships. Poseidon amassed a great navy and conquered most of the world.  

The description of the destruction of Atlantis by Plato is that it took off in a cloud of smoke and fire. The great bronze shield left earth and went back into space 12,500 years ago. You see, Atlantis was not destroyed but went back into space. The people that remained on Earth were warned of the coming cataclysm. 

The people knew they had to start build arks to survive the huge waves that would sweep over the planet when the moon was brought into and bounced of the Arctic Ocean to tilt earth 23.5 degrees. This was done to take Earth out of the Ice Age to extend the life of the planet and replenish the oxygen supply with more plankton growth. It also doubled arable land because after the flood the sun would hit Earth 1,800 miles further north and south of the equator as it rotated around the sun.

The Anunnaki were the ones who put the moon into orbit. The gravity of the moon replenished the atmosphere with increased volcanism that released more carbon dioxide. Ancient legend says Thoth the Atlantean stole five days from the Moon.   

The impact froze all the camels, horses, tribes and mastodons in North America. Whole mastodons were froze instantly with green food in their mouths and stomachs. Nothing could do that except the cold of space sweeping down to the surface in the vacuum caused behind the moon as it traveled back up into space at 12 degrees.

The impact caused much water to squirt up from the bowels of the earth and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights etc. etc..

The year used to be 360 days long before there was a Moon--the same number of degrees in a circle. After the moon brought into orbit it knocked Earth into a more circular orbit further out from the sun increasing the length of the year 5 and 1/4 days. The impact tilted Earth 23.5 degrees to create more pronounced summers and winters. It doubled the plankton growth, doubled fish populations and exposed more land area for grass and trees and migrating herds of animals.   

If the boat shaped object at the 7,000 foot level in Turkey is an example of one the arks then they did have high technology because it was fastened together with 1-inch diameter iron rivets and 3-inch washers. Note the water worn hills culminating in steep cliffs above indicating the height of the waves. This  site has been extensively studied and is thought to be Noah's Ark but there were probably many Arks as mankind had been warned of the coming flood.  


When the giant Anunnaki first arrived on Earth there were no ice caps to hinder their gold mining explorations because the sun was close to Sirius. They had to do battle with indigenous giants that ate meat and other large predators such as giant bears and saber tooth tigers. They tried using the heavy set Neanderthals as slaves but they lacked the ability to communicate with speech.



After enduring two Ice Ages each lasting over a hundred thousand years they decided to terra-form Earth by bringing the Moon in 12,813 years ago. They bounced it off the Arctic Ocean. At that time the north rotational pole was situated over south Greenland. At the time the Arctic Ocean contained several large islands known as Ultima Thule and a city known as Azgard populated by tall blond Nordic hunters. Azgard was crushed into the Earth by the incoming moon. Some of the Rigelics had time migrate south into northern Europe and Siberia before the moon hit.




Note the dumb human worshiping the flying gods above him. Also note the I phones in their hands as they control their craft and take pictures,,,


The moon was brought into orbit around Earth about 12,500 years ago to tile earth 23.5 degrees. This was necessary to thaw back the ice caps so they could mine gold. Earth was in the Ice Age. They needed the gold to burn into the white monatomic powder to extend their lives hundreds of years. Tilting Earth in relation to the sun's rays also doubled arable land and doubled the plankton growth in the oce ans to replenish the oxygen supply. Now we have sunlight striking more perpendicular penetrating the oceans instead of bouncing off back into space.   The impact caused volcanism world wide which also replenished the atmosphere with CO2. Earth has lost 98% of its atmosphere down from 750 PSI to 14.5 at sea level today.

The Moon bounced off the Arctic Ocean with a force of 700 terramegatons. I used an online computer Arizonaedu/impact effect. I put in the mass of the Earth, the mass of the Moon and an angle of 11 degrees (space shuttle entry angel) and a speed of 2 kilometers per second. The impact depressed the Earth's crust 5 kilometers. The arctic Ocean is 5 kilometers deep on one spot with an average depth of 1.3 kilometers. We used an online impact computer ArizonaEDU/Impact effects...

The impact killed off all the tribes, camels, horses and mastodons in North America and piled up heaps of bones in Siberia. some humans went underground to survive. Some mastodons were instantly frozen with green food in their mouths, You would have to read my huge book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES to understand all this. I didn't believe it myself and I kept working on the Moon chapter over a year. I researched cave paintings, astronaut conversations--everything that might give a clue as to when the Moon was brought into orbit. After the book was published then I discovered Immanuel Velikovsky's book, IN THE BEGINNING. He documented ancient Greek writing that talked about a race of people that lived on earth before there was a Moon. I can sell you a copy of this book for $30. and

Jets were scrambled to intercept the UFO's over the capitol building but they could not get close.


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