They’re Spraying Nanotechnology on Us, it Is Now Integrated into Our Brains

Chemtrails are being sprayed that contain nanotechnology and foreign DNA. This is all for the coming Mark of the Beast. Do not take the Mark of the Beast! Dried red blood cells have been found falling from the chemtrails that can reproduce themselves outside the human body. This could be fallen angel DNA spoken of in Daniel 2:43. The Bible says that they/the fallen angels would mingle themselves with the seed of man but it would not cling. I think the coming Mark of the Beast makes it cling and if you take the Mark, you will have fallen angel DNA and no longer be redeemable. I have a printable Christian tract that gets really good response. Every time I distribute this I see people reading it and I have had many conversations with it. Just print as many copies as you like for page 1 and then turn over and print page two on the back, then cut out and crease in the middle. We need to get the word out, time is short. Speaker is Sofia Smallstorm; From Chemtrails to Pseudolife, the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology. How to be saved:

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