Out of Body Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries – This World Is Not What We Think it Is (Video)

This reality is not what we think it is, the forbidden knowledge is there for all to see if you know how to access it. This information will help you, it has been gathered through his life long experiences of OBE’s, contact with many different ET and dimensional beings and his astral travels through time and space. Insights are shared on what has been learned from having access to the worlds that are just outside our physical senses.

This is a very large topic that goes into past lives, the awakening process, dimensional & ET Beings, control, time travel our hidden history and our spiritual development. There are millions of people around the world who are currently having contact and other worldly experiences when they go to bed at night. Visitations, journeys and information is accessed once the body falls asleep.

Many are taken out of their bodies by unknown beings to explore new dimensions and worlds. There are both positive and negative experiences in these dimensions, it is our job to learn how to discern and navigate these realms safely.


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